Should Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds Apologize to Prostitutes?


Asks Scott Stein at When Falls the Coliseum:

In a post that includes a video debate about legalizing prostitution, Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds asks, "Who needs to legalize prostitution when we already have Congress?"

Stein holds Reynolds in semantic contempt for mis-metaphorizing:

Congress is nothing like a prostitute. A prostitute only wants cash that customers actually have, and usually tells them the real price of the services being purchased. A prostitute doesn't impose hidden fees through inflation (we don't generally give prostitutes the power to print money, but somehow we let Congress approve stimulus packages and spend money that doesn't exist). A prostitute doesn't increase the national debt (in fact, it is government, by keeping prostitution illegal, that increases the deficit in yet another way, by making income from prostitution outside of the system and not taxable).

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