The Matt Welch/Harold Meyerson Debate About Unions


Is available for your listening enjoyment here:

Let's take this opportunity to swing through some labor-related headlines, shall we? Many of them were harvested from the valuable Pension Tsunami website, and all come from the past week:

Politicians Come and Go, But Public Employees Rule 

Obama Draws Fire for Appointing SEIU's Stern to Deficit Panel

Failed Banks May Get Pension-Fund Backing as FDIC Seeks Cash

Procuring the Union Agenda: A White House Plan Would Be the Davis-Bacon Act on Steroids

Public Pensions Are Adding Risk to Raise Returns

Public Pension IOUs Total Nearly $6K per Chicagoan, Study Says

SEIU to Focus on California Races

AFL-CIO Pledges All-out Backing for Democrats in 2010 Elections

Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'

My favorite part of yesterday's discussion: The question of why haven't unions done a better job communicating the good work they do?