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Reason.tv: Nanny of the Month for February 2010! Here's to you, Kansas state rep. Robert Olson, for banning fake pot


Last month's nannies pulled a modern-day Footloose by banning singing, dancing and rapping at new bars and restaurants—in Snoop Dog's home, no less!

But what about this month?

Check out who's pulling the plug on electric bingo machines (sorry charity fundraisers) and who won't let pet stores sell dogs and cats (seriously?).

But the Nanny of the Month goes to the heartland pol who's waging a very real war on fake pot (A.K.A. spice, K2, genie, black mamba, bliss, dragon, Bombay Blue …) Ladies and gentlemen, we present Reason.tv's Nanny of the Month for February 2010: Kansas State Rep. Robert Olson!

"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Associate Producers are Alex Manning and Paul Detrick. Animation by Meredith Bragg.

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Update: Oh yeah, for those of you who are wondering, fake pot only gets you fake high.

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  1. Ah yes, banning retail sales of pets. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

    Next comes the ban on chewing gum. Muwahahahaha

    1. Most retail-store pets come from horrific “puppy mills”, so this is perhaps the first Nanny candidate which I almost kinda-sorta get.

      More to the point… What is the efficacy of this “fake pot”, and if it’s any good, where can I score some? (Note: I’m not in Kansas)

      1. Me, too. Maybe there shouldn’t be laws about retail store dogs and cats, but dogs and cats who live in stores have comparatively miserable lives.

      2. Its hard to say how young puppies are raised in puppy mills but there are lots of dogs in the pound which are not good pets. That is why most people would rather buy a pet from a pet store.

        1. Actually the pets in your local shelter are all good doggies and kitties. they go through a myriad of tests, to make sure they are well mannered and well tempered dogs/cats. thoose that fail are put down, because they are not adoptable. i have alwyas had rescue animals, they are always the best behaved and most loving in the family. some may have abandonment/anixety issues, but working through that is a lot easier than potty training a puppy, and a lot less messy

  2. Banning fake pot keeps people from getting fake high and then fake robbing fake old people for fake money to fake support their fake habit.

    Maybe they should have just fake banned it.

      1. They should have fake rehab for the users as well.

        1. Rehab is already fake, at least in 12 step form. It does no better than no treatment at all, though like any placebo feel better, even when they aren’t.

    1. If they ban fake pot what are fake minorities going to smoke?

      First they came for the wiggers, and I said nothing…

      1. +1

  3. They’ll get my fake pot from my fake cold dead hands when they fake pry them apart.

  4. But the Nanny of the Month goes to the heartland pol who’s waging a very real war on fake pot (A.K.A…. black mamba …) …Kansas State Rep. Robert Olson!

    Can’t sell Kobe Bryant? Noted.

  5. People sure get upset about the way “pet” animals are treated by those that sell them. I’m not sure, but I think exporting horses for human consumption is now illegal.

    Nobody other than PETA gives a crap about pigs, sheep or chickens though.

    The worries about “puppy mills” (do they grind puppies up for canine flour there or just melt them down to make puppy steel?), horse meat and the like is emotion triumphing over reason.

    1. Save the Sea Kittens!

  6. Personal experince from a Cannibis L Sativa conisuer and former grower (so i have loads of experince) dont knbow about K2 its not in my area, but Serinity now, and zohiaRX do contain synthetic cannabinoids, and last about as long as the real thing, although i find it to be a heavier Indica feeling, with not much Sativa-like effects. I smoke serinity now nowadays since i moved back to a non medical state (not by choice) it is not as good as the real thing (taste, experince, smoothness) but close enough for a relaxing afternoon

  7. Animal cruelty laws are one area where I depart from the One True Libertarian Canon.

    I believe that animals are different in kind from sofa cushions, and that different legal standards in how you treat animals are not beyond the pale. And I say that as an enthusiastic hunter, all-around carnivore, and someone who has euthanized three dogs. Two of them my own (I keed, I keed!).

    1. I have to agree regarding animal cruelty laws. From the perspective of someone who volunteers time to find these disposed of and abused animals, and find them homes…basically yes they do grind these puppies down and breed them to death in abysmal and diseased conditions. Most mills, commercial breeders, and breeders of the “backyard” variety have no idea about the physical or mental health of the animals they so haphazardly bring into the world, and they really don’t care. So yes, the types of things that happen in these breeding situations should be illegal and anything that perpetrates it, such as pet stores, selling on the side of the road, or at flea markets should be illegal as well. It is little different than human trafficking and/or the slave trade.

      1. It is little different than human trafficking and/or the slave trade.

        It is way different.”PETS” ARE LIVESTOCK.
        When little fluffy animals are involved out comes the “There oughta be a law” crowd.

        1. So, you don’t think animals whom we have stripped of their natural insticts to survive on their own (through breeding) and now not only do not have a habitat to make their own way, but are completely dependent on us should not be under the protection of laws. Why do libertarians believe that adults should be responsible for themsleves but not babies? Because babies, like dogs and cats etc. do not have the ability to care for themselves. I do not think that protecting animals from cruel conditions is a departure from libertarian views. Especially when we have made these animals dependent on us.

          1. If you give a shit about dogs and cats then help as many as you can without passing a law forcing me to give a shit because I don’t.

            1. Laws preventing the cruelty to animals don’t force you to care. they have no effect on you whatsoever unless you are hurting animals or are buying one. If you are engaging in those two activities then you do care and are subject to basic requirements that you not injure them. Just as I don’t give a sh*t about your dumb#ss but should still be bound by law from beating you.

              1. Humans are not the same as dogs.

                Dogs and cats are property – owned by humans. Legislating how people should treat their property is shit.

                and no dogs are not the same as babies. Babies are human.

                1. Wow, you sound awfully Christian – Monk. Since god created the world in 7 days and “gave it to us” we must therefore not respect the right of other creatures to exist or survive (without pain) unless we “allow” it. I pity you and any life that you deem less than “human”. Are you an intelligent designer? if so, I am wasting my time. On the other hand, if you have an ounce of sense and a third grade science education you should know we too are animals. Just with higher brain functions. But by your line of thinking, humans less intelligent than you should possess less rights. Hmmmmm, maybe since you are obviously less intelligent than most of the people here, you deserve less rights.

                  1. And by “rights” for animals, I simply mean the ability to live without be subjected cruel treatment by people. Is that something that would require you to do anything? I mean, dogfighting should be legalized then. As well as cockfighting, exposing chimps to harmful chemicals to sell make-up. If you don’t establish that animals do have some ‘rights’ as I just described, then there is no limit to the cruelty that can be afflicted upon them.

                    1. Right on my Brotha. Monk needs to sell his gun rack and treat Fido like “Man’s best friend”.

                2. Property? Knickerbocker please!

                3. Dogs are Property? Knickerbocker please! That’s a crock of horsefeathers.

  8. Well kiss my fake ass.

    Can we ban fake politicians ???. Shucks…didn’t think so.

  9. As good as these nominees are I think Reason missed THE nanny of the month: the American Pediatric Assoc for its move to alter hot dogs because ‘dogs can be a “chocking hazard” for little kids.

    By the way, are these the kinda ‘dogs that aren’t to be sold in pet stores?

  10. Add the Kentucky General Assembly to the nanny list. They are hell bent on this crusade now, along with OTC cold meds.

  11. Here’s a contender:


    JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Senate proposed a bill Wednesday to increase the fine for seatbelt violations.

    Democratic Senator Joe Keaveny of St. Louis proposed the bill in hopes to increase seatbelt fines. Currently, a seatbelt violation in Missouri costs $10. Missouri’s fine is the lowest in the country. Approval of the bill will raise the price to fifty dollars.

    Missouri police issued more than 50,000 seatbelt tickets last year. Keaveny hopes an increase in cost will decrease the number of violations.

  12. Property? Knickerbocker please!

  13. Property? Knickerbocker please!

  14. Dogs are Property? Knickerbocker please! That’s a crock of horsefeathers.

  15. My only point is that if you take the Bible straight, as I’m sure many of Reasons readers do, you will see a lot of the Old Testament stuff as absolutely insane.

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