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Remember That PATRIOT Act Thingy?


You didn't think it would be going away just because the Democrats campaigned against it every day in 2008, did you? Over at Cato, Reason Contributing Editor Julian Sanchez expands on what was mentioned in today's Morning Links:

It looks as though we'll be getting a straight one-year reauthorization of the expiring provisions of the Patriot Act, without even the minimal added safeguards for privacy and civil liberties that had been proposed in the Senate's watered down bill.  

More details here; link via the Twitter feed of Michael Solana. Reason on the PATRIOT Act here.


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  1. ” I tip my hat to the new constitution … Then get on my knees and pray “

    1. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss


      1. I wouldn’t show up if I were him.

  2. Hope! Change! Fierce moral urgency! Liberaltarian Alliance!

    What a bunch of rubes.

    1. Let’s be clear, RC, the campaign is over. Now is not the time to deliver cheap partisan talking points. The American people expect us to find a way to fix this mess, not argue about old political standoffs.

  3. But if Obama lied, then idiots like Sarah Palin were right about him. Given that doesn’t feed my left wing ego (*), Obama must be telling the truth.

    (*) I’m not actually a Palin supporter, but she does seem to have all the right enemies.

  4. There are actually many good reasons to have certain parts of the Patriot act. What if the government was following some terrorist in our county and they needed to wiretap them and lock them up but they didn’t have time to file for a bunch of warrants and stuff? I suppose you guys would want them to just let the terrorist blow everyhing up while they wait for approval? Once Obama learned the truth about all the terrorist attacks coming at us daily he did the responsible thing.

    1. What if the government was following some terrorist in our county and they needed to wiretap them and lock them up but they didn’t have time to file for a bunch of warrants and stuff? I suppose you guys would want them to just let the terrorist blow everything up while they wait for approval?

      Wow, that is quite the chain of events. Doesn’t law enforcement possess the power to do anything without the USA PATRIOT Act?

    2. As former law enforcement, i can tell you a warrant is an easy thing to obtain. can take a few minutes to an hour if the need is great.
      The phrase was give me liberty or give me death, not give me security of a gov run survelliance state or give me death. a free society has risks. and it is beter to let 10 guilty men go free than to let 1 innocent man rot in jail. and yes my spelling is awful, i am dyslexic.

      1. Your spelling is fine, and so is your logic.

      1. Seriously, Citizen Z. It’s getting tired already.

        1. Fuck you!
          Cancel my subscription!

          1. Cancel your own goddam subscription…

            1. he wouldn’t have cared, CIA was fronting him plenty of dough anyway.

    3. Really? And where does this end? Because your same logic could be applied to murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers and on and on down the line.

      Right down to “hey, there is this guy who says he doens’t like the president and supports revolution every 7 years. He could be dangerous. Better follow him around.”

      1. The “Rule of Law” is the bedrock of modern civilization…next to Democracy. If we pick and choose when we are going to ignore some basic laws then anarchy will folow. I am all for a rational discussion on drug policy, but until then we need to do EVRYTHING possible to arrest these anarchist drug dealers. Many of whom are actually helping fund Al Qaeda. Do you want another 9/11 bucko?

        1. Do you want another 9/11 bucko?

          I’d rather have a thousand 9/11s than a government with nearly unlimited power. Bucko.

          1. The paleos are practically in bed with Al Qaeda…they want 9/11 to happen again…boy you guys are loons.

      2. As for our Commander in Chief, yes of course we should do everything possible to defend him from enemies of this great country. You don’t think this is a great country? then try Somalia you friggin anarchist!

        1. I’m at limit….gonna have to start throwin some back for you CN

    4. I just want them to abide by the restrictions placed upon them in the Constitution. Too much to ask?

      1. What if follwoing the constitution means tht instead we will be run by Shria law in a matter of weeks….the choice is that simple. Only the naive think that isolationism will will make us safe, the world is interconnected now. I choose to not wear a burka, what about you?

        1. Because clearly this is the choice we face. Follow the Constitution and be overrun with Sharia law within weeks.


        2. Non-interventionalism != isolationsim.

    5. Are you high? TERRORISTS are not citizens. Citzens are citizens. Lets leave the damn citizens alone and keep watching the terrorists.

      If you dont have a firm grasp on the topic, you shouldnt go around saying dumb things like this. Nobody’s got a problem with spying on terrorists, for christs sake.

  5. Who but an incestuous, apple-pie-fornicating anarchist doesn’t love the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act?

    1. Another one bites the dust…

  6. Back me up Shannon Love, The Angry Optimist. These Islamo fascist appeasers are gonna get us blown up if we don’t put our case forward.

    1. So Ron Paul, Bibi Netanyahu and a fleet-footed black boy walk into a bar…

      1. …I said “AFLAC,” not “AIPAC”!!!

      2. Awesome joke dude. Sometimes I listen to paleos talk in private and don’t tell them I am a cosmo and it is sickening how many racist jokes they really do tell. Then when they drink a little they get real angry and go on and on about “kike this” and “greedy joo bastard that”.

        If only they would let go of these irrational fetishes and become real serious intellectuals that are legit enough to get elected and never got bogged down in racist claptrap real moderate conservatives like Richard Nixon or a moderate democrats like William Byrd.

        1. Let’s here it for Gabe and his audience of naifs, ladies and gentlemen.!!!!
          Well played. (If this were LOST, my next line would be “How I wish I could kill you, old friend.”)

          Can we let it die now?
          Then cancel my subscription!!!

          1. …hear it.
            Fuck. Ok. Renew my subscription.

    1. I think that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

  7. I knew it would turn out like this when the Patriot Act was first passed. When tovernment gets more power over the citizenry they are unlikely to give it up voluntarily.

    Until we start voting incumbents out in large numbers, the Patriot Act, like the War on Drugs Liberty will grow and grow.

    And though the past has it’s share of injustice
    Kind was the spirit in many a way
    But it’s protectors and friends have been sleeping
    Now it’s a monster and will not obey


    2. When government gets more power over the citizenry they are unlikely to give incapable of giving it up voluntarily unless their own survival absolutely depends on doing so.

      That’s the only thing that’s going to end the war on drugs — it starts in broke-ass Cali; from there it will spread, like a beautiful disease, through the rest of the system.

      1. Yeah, but the problem is they don’t usually give it up gently. They go down kicking and scratching and biting. It makes the transition messier.

  8. You didn’t think it would be going away just because the Democrats campaigned against it every day in 2008, did you?

    Didn’t you read Sanchez’s thingy? They want to do all that stuff they said, but they’re just too busy.

    Because they’re crippled by Republican obstruction. And the country’s ungovernable.

    (Did he not say that? He wanted to.)

  9. There is a simple explanation; any modification of the law would require a qualitative judgement, based on a (reasonably) complete understanding of the facts. Any such judgement would, come election time, be open to subtle, logical analysis such as, “Teh TERRAH-ISTS will git us, and it’s all his fault!”

  10. Our Progressive Husband Obama only beats us because America is such a right wing country.

  11. Once Obama learned the truth about all the terrorist attacks coming at us daily he did the responsible thing.

    All those time bombs, ticking away…

  12. This is why, though I’ve long since soured on the “talk is cheap” Republicans, I will never go along with my friends who suggest I should join the Democrats.

    Both are equally likely to be the “talk is cheap” party when out of power.

    The hue and cry that arose up about the Patriot Act from Dems was deafening. It was the downfall of America society and one of the worst things Bush had done.

    So what do they do? Keep it.

  13. Hey Welch. Listen. Let me be clear. THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER. We will never make progress if obstructionists like you keep distracting us by using cheap political stunts such as quoting promises I’ve broken.

    And just because I said the PATRIOT Act is bad doesn’t mean I believe the PATRIOT Act is bad. Let me be clear: to hold someone to his words is the very sort of discredited thinking of the past that caused us to be in the situation we are in today.

    So there!

  14. Quite a bit of the U.S.A. Patriot Act is unnecessary to actual security or intelligence. At least get rid of all that. For instance, all of the bank reporting is stupid and mostly useless.

    1. You know, anyone who does a transaction with a terrorist is aiding their cause so the government needs access to whatever transaction they want no matter how small. Since the government has that power, why apply it to only terrorist? It would be wrong to deny LEOs tools that could prevent crime.

      It is morally wrong to think Orwell’s vision of society was bad for us. It is necessary if we are going to survive the terrorist onslaught.

      Ah, just kidding.

      The irony is that the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act was brought to us by people wearing flag pins claiming to be friends of freedom.


  16. The only thing more frustrating than reading news like this is then listening to Obama apologists try to rationalize such actions. My personal favorite (actually told to me by an Obamaist)? “You take office with the Congress you have, not the Congress you want.”

    1. If through a weird course of events I became president next week, I’d look at the Congress I had, ponder for a moment, then singlehandedly redefine the meaning of “checks and balances.” Pardons, vetoes, refusals to allow agencies to act in ways I deem as unconstitutional, appointments of libertarians to the courts and agencies that I consider valid are just the beginning.

      Naturally, I’d be impeached a few months later, but that’s okay, too.

      Obama could do the same thing from his political perspective without being anywhere near as radical or in any immediate danger of removal from office.

  17. And the country’s ungovernable.

    Anybody who says this like its a bad thing misses the whole point of being an American.

    We’re supposed to be ungovernable, dammit! Feature, not bug!

    1. And our government was designed to be inefficient. Designed to be. Intended to be.

  18. Here’s the House Roll Call.
    10 Rs, 87Ds against.

    1. What’s up with Flake voting yea?

      1. Oh, dear.

      2. He wants to be re-elected.

        Hate to say it, but as awful as PATRIOT is it’s probably favored by a majority of the people, and a pretty sizable one in Flake’s district, I’ll bet.

        1. That is because most of us rational people don’t want to be goverened by Shria Law. The conspiracy nuts here are always scared someone is out to get their rights, when in fact the governemnt is doing it’s earnest best to protect their rights. When will people wake up and see that?

          1. You think you are going to be governed by Sharia law if there is no Patriot Act, and then you call people here conspiracy nuts? Government is protecting rights by usurping them? Is this an “it hurts me more than you as you” analogy as you fuck me in the ass?

            When will people wake up and see that?
            A lot of rational people think this. You are proving not to be one of those people with great veracity.

            1. “When will people wake up and see that?
              A lot of rational people think this. You are proving not to be one of those people with great veracity.”

              Listen buster,
              I KNOW for a fact that this country would be the victim of multiple MAJOR terrorist attacks if we did not have the wiretapping capabilities that we have. You people have no idea how dangerous this world is and my patience is growing thin with you people who doubt the motives of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. This sick pathology really is tearing our country apart and it seriously needs to stop. We could have a great country again if we could just restore the trust in our leadership.

              Never Tolerate


              1. Fact?
                You people?
                Your patience?
                Sick pathology?

                Are you fucking serious? Do you really believe the drivel you are typing?

                1. CO is a longtime troll/parody, fez.

              2. I would like to say something to [those of you] who believe the greatest threat to America comes not from terrorists from within our country or beyond our borders, but from our own government….

                How dare you suggest that we in the freest nation on Earth live in tyranny. How dare you call yourselves patriots and heroes….

                [T]here is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government….

  19. The Democrats trust themselves.

  20. If I encounter a single Obamatron I am going to mash their face in this so hard I’ll get arrested for assault. FUCK YOU JOE, FUCK YOU EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SCUMBAG WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA. You are fools of the highest, highest order. You are morons, suckers, and pathetic douchebags, and you are losers. Fuck you, go to hell, and die.

    1. This kind of irrational hate-fest just looses the battle for libertarians. Your destroying our credibility.

      The Commander in Cheif is still doing what he earnestly thinks is best. I do disagree with some of his policies. But we need to respect his authority, besides he has really helped us in the area of gay rights…at least the fundies are finally out of power.

      1. 1) sarcasm, hyperbole for the sake of comedy, and other posting tactics. Learn they you will young padawan.
        2)The road to hell is paved people doing what they think is earnestly best when they have a significant amount of control. (see one for the first part of this sentence, I don’t think we are all really going to hell)
        4) I don’t respect authority. I respect those that earn respect. I fear authority, well I’m at least I’m told I am supposed to.
        3)He hasn’t done shit for gay rights. He’s talked about it. He’s signed executive orders for everything under the sun, but hasn’t taken the time to eliminate DADT from the one thing he has damn near absolute control over.
        4)Lists are pretentious, but sometimes needed.

        1. fez,
          Are you trying to tell me that Obama has not done more for gay rights than Bush/Cheney? You are clearly delusional, this sick idea that there “is not a noticeable difference between the Democrats and the Republicans” is one of the gateway drugs into conspiracism and I would encourage you to stop visiting these sick sick portions of your mind.

          1. You know, measuring your cock in nanometers doesn’t make it larger than the guy measuring his in inches. Obama hasn’t done much of anything in gay rights, or anything else. He trotted it out as a populist move for his base which was getting bent about the lack of things like single payer. The things he has championed are not new, are not liked, and are not what the demographic that got him his job want. The gateway drug to being an arrogant fucking twat is assuming everyone else isn’t as smart as you are, or stupidity. (also a position in academia)

            Learn to link.

      2. Gabe, shut the fuck up.

      3. A new Lonewacko punching bag. woohoo. Keep up the entertainment dude.

    2. I can forgive those who have turned from the Dark Side and have metaphorically thrown Obama down the pit, but those who continue to make excuses and even support him. . .that, that I cannot forgive.

      Oh, yes, and Congress sucks ass, too, and is also indefensible. A major part of Obama’s problem is deferring in any way to this, the worst Congress in God knows how long.

    3. Epi: As much as I despise ‘Bama’s social and domestic policy, and as correct as you are about the ‘trons, AND as much as I view the Fuck the Patriots Act as a loss in the civil liberties column…….

      I still view it as more in the foreign policy camp than domestic policy. I’ve said it 1,000 times, and I’ll say it again. When it comes to foreign policy: Presidents don’t make history, history makes (or breaks) Presidents.

      In the grand old game of geopolitics, with each player having their own sovereign power, vested interests, and moves; the U.S. will always have a limited number of palatable counter-moves in response to an opponent’s (or ally’s) moves.

      With a limited playbook, and the consequences of a “busted”play”, a country can’t afford to come out of left field with a gimmick play.

      Anyone who was the LEAST bit surprised that ‘Bama maintained the status quo inre Iraq, Afghanistan, the WOT (or whatever the fuck we’re calling it now), or even doubled-down on parts of it is a functional retard.

      His campaign rhetoric notwithstanding…..

      (Of course, ANYONE who buys ANY politician’s campaign rhetoric is a functional retard)

      1. “”‘Bama maintained the status quo inre Iraq,””

        Executing the withdraw the Bush Admin negotiated with the Iraqis?

      2. It really is true that Obama is pretty much stuck with the cards he was dealt on foreign policy. No serious thinker believes we could withdraw from Af/Pak or stop giving money and weapons to the House of Saud AND Israel without bringing on a huge wave of terror attacks. He doesn’t like to do it, but the only safe thing to do is continue to borrow money from China to fund these operations, this option will not close to us ANYTIME soon I promise you. The foreign debt buyers are our bitches and they know it, these fuckin morons can’t tie their shoes without us. The paleos on the other hand are xenophobic anti-free trade types so we cannot listen to them. This course of action helps keep stability and the anti-intellectuals cannot fathom how neccessary this really is.

  21. Let this thread be an epitaph for a joke that has run it’s course.

        1. It was never about you, my bald Adonis. Never you.

  22. Correction. They campaigned against it everyday in 2004,2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

  23. Will somebody please cite an actual provision of the Patriot Act which is so dreadful that it shreds the Constitution and creates an Orwellian police state? Or is the invocation of the name (never with specifics, of course) just some bogeyman to be trotted out to scare the rubes with?

    1. I got a better idea. How about you identify the parts that are not facially unconstitutional? It’ll take much less work on your part.

    2. Bohemond is on to something. I haven’t los ta single “right”. I am 100% free in this country to this day, I travel, drink, make more money than I ever did. You whiners need to shut up about your elaborate theories resulting in us losing all of our “rights”. You have the right to shut the fuck up and pay your taxes…the rest of this anti-intellectualism is killing me. When will it stop spreading?

  24. Same horse, different color.

  25. Another 9/11?


    Well, I was very far from New York on that day, and I still am. So I have to admit, it really did make for the most riveting few hours of television that I can remember, ever.

    It’s not like there were NO upsides, I mean.

    1. Next time, can they fly the plane into the Goldman Sachs building? I think it might cost me less money that way.

      1. I really don’t like this line of humor, 9/11 was a sacred time in our history. Would you like it if I pissed on your crucifix or took a dump on your menorah or stuck a bull whip up the ass of your gaia?

  26. Table of Contents of actual PATRIOT act as provided by http://frwebgate.access.gpo.go…..ubl056.107

    To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the
    world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
    United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) Short Title.–This Act may be cited as
    the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools
    Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of

    (b) Table of Contents.–The table of contents for this Act is as

    Sec. 1. Short title and table of contents.
    Sec. 2. Construction; severability.


    Sec. 101. Counterterrorism fund.
    Sec. 102. Sense of Congress condemning discrimination against Arab and
    Muslim Americans.
    Sec. 103. Increased funding for the technical support center at the
    Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    Sec. 104. Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in
    certain emergencies.
    Sec. 105. Expansion of National Electronic Crime Task Force Initiative.
    Sec. 106. Presidential authority.


    Sec. 201. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic
    communications relating to terrorism.
    Sec. 202. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic
    communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses.
    Sec. 203. Authority to share criminal investigative information.
    Sec. 204. Clarification of intelligence exceptions from limitations on
    interception and disclosure of wire, oral, and electronic
    Sec. 205. Employment of translators by the Federal Bureau of
    Sec. 206. Roving surveillance authority under the Foreign Intelligence
    Surveillance Act of 1978.
    Sec. 207. Duration of FISA surveillance of non-United States persons who
    are agents of a foreign power.
    Sec. 208. Designation of judges.
    Sec. 209. Seizure of voice-mail messages pursuant to warrants.
    Sec. 210. Scope of subpoenas for records of electronic communications.
    Sec. 211. Clarification of scope.
    Sec. 212. Emergency disclosure of electronic communications to protect
    life and limb.
    Sec. 213. Authority for delaying notice of the execution of a warrant.
    Sec. 214. Pen register and trap and trace authority under FISA.
    Sec. 215. Access to records and other items under the Foreign
    Intelligence Surveillance Act.
    Sec. 216. Modification of authorities relating to use of pen registers
    and trap and trace devices.

    [[Page 115 STAT. 273]]

    Sec. 217. Interception of computer trespasser communications.
    Sec. 218. Foreign intelligence information.
    Sec. 219. Single-jurisdiction search warrants for terrorism.
    Sec. 220. Nationwide service of search warrants for electronic evidence.
    Sec. 221. Trade sanctions.
    Sec. 222. Assistance to law enforcement agencies.
    Sec. 223. Civil liability for certain unauthorized disclosures.
    Sec. 224. Sunset.
    Sec. 225. Immunity for compliance with FISA wiretap.


    Sec. 301. Short title.
    Sec. 302. Findings and purposes.
    Sec. 303. 4-year congressional review; expedited consideration.

    Subtitle A–International Counter Money Laundering and Related Measures

    Sec. 311. Special measures for jurisdictions, financial institutions, or
    international transactions of primary money laundering
    Sec. 312. Special due diligence for correspondent accounts and private
    banking accounts.
    Sec. 313. Prohibition on United States correspondent accounts with
    foreign shell banks.
    Sec. 314. Cooperative efforts to deter money laundering.
    Sec. 315. Inclusion of foreign corruption offenses as money laundering
    Sec. 316. Anti-terrorist forfeiture protection.
    Sec. 317. Long-arm jurisdiction over foreign money launderers.
    Sec. 318. Laundering money through a foreign bank.
    Sec. 319. Forfeiture of funds in United States interbank accounts.
    Sec. 320. Proceeds of foreign crimes.
    Sec. 321. Financial institutions specified in subchapter II of chapter
    53 of title 31, United States code.
    Sec. 322. Corporation represented by a fugitive.
    Sec. 323. Enforcement of foreign judgments.
    Sec. 324. Report and recommendation.
    Sec. 325. Concentration accounts at financial institutions.
    Sec. 326. Verification of identification.
    Sec. 327. Consideration of anti-money laundering record.
    Sec. 328. International cooperation on identification of originators of
    wire transfers.
    Sec. 329. Criminal penalties.
    Sec. 330. International cooperation in investigations of money
    laundering, financial crimes, and the finances of terrorist

    Subtitle B–Bank Secrecy Act Amendments and Related Improvements

    Sec. 351. Amendments relating to reporting of suspicious activities.
    Sec. 352. Anti-money laundering programs.
    Sec. 353. Penalties for violations of geographic targeting orders and
    certain recordkeeping requirements, and lengthening effective
    period of geographic targeting orders.
    Sec. 354. Anti-money laundering strategy.
    Sec. 355. Authorization to include suspicions of illegal activity in
    written employment references.
    Sec. 356. Reporting of suspicious activities by securities brokers and
    dealers; investment company study.
    Sec. 357. Special report on administration of bank secrecy provisions.
    Sec. 358. Bank secrecy provisions and activities of United States
    intelligence agencies to fight international terrorism.
    Sec. 359. Reporting of suspicious activities by underground banking
    Sec. 360. Use of authority of United States Executive Directors.
    Sec. 361. Financial crimes enforcement network.
    Sec. 362. Establishment of highly secure network.
    Sec. 363. Increase in civil and criminal penalties for money laundering.
    Sec. 364. Uniform protection authority for Federal Reserve facilities.
    Sec. 365. Reports relating to coins and currency received in
    nonfinancial trade or business.
    Sec. 366. Efficient use of currency transaction report system.

    Subtitle C–Currency Crimes and Protection

    Sec. 371. Bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States.
    Sec. 372. Forfeiture in currency reporting cases.

    [[Page 115 STAT. 274]]

    Sec. 373. Illegal money transmitting businesses.
    Sec. 374. Counterfeiting domestic currency and obligations.
    Sec. 375. Counterfeiting foreign currency and obligations.
    Sec. 376. Laundering the proceeds of terrorism.
    Sec. 377. Extraterritorial jurisdiction.


    Subtitle A–Protecting the Northern Border

    Sec. 401. Ensuring adequate personnel on the northern border.
    Sec. 402. Northern border personnel.
    Sec. 403. Access by the Department of State and the INS to certain
    identifying information in the criminal history records of
    visa applicants and applicants for admission to the United
    Sec. 404. Limited authority to pay overtime.
    Sec. 405. Report on the integrated automated fingerprint identification
    system for ports of entry and overseas consular posts.

    Subtitle B–Enhanced Immigration Provisions

    Sec. 411. Definitions relating to terrorism.
    Sec. 412. Mandatory detention of suspected terrorists; habeas corpus;
    judicial review.
    Sec. 413. Multilateral cooperation against terrorists.
    Sec. 414. Visa integrity and security.
    Sec. 415. Participation of Office of Homeland Security on Entry-Exit
    Task Force.
    Sec. 416. Foreign student monitoring program.
    Sec. 417. Machine readable passports.
    Sec. 418. Prevention of consulate shopping.

    Subtitle C–Preservation of Immigration Benefits for Victims of

    Sec. 421. Special immigrant status.
    Sec. 422. Extension of filing or reentry deadlines.
    Sec. 423. Humanitarian relief for certain surviving spouses and
    Sec. 424. “Age-out” protection for children.
    Sec. 425. Temporary administrative relief.
    Sec. 426. Evidence of death, disability, or loss of employment.
    Sec. 427. No benefits to terrorists or family members of terrorists.
    Sec. 428. Definitions.


    Sec. 501. Attorney General’s authority to pay rewards to combat
    Sec. 502. Secretary of State’s authority to pay rewards.
    Sec. 503. DNA identification of terrorists and other violent offenders.
    Sec. 504. Coordination with law enforcement.
    Sec. 505. Miscellaneous national security authorities.
    Sec. 506. Extension of Secret Service jurisdiction.
    Sec. 507. Disclosure of educational records.
    Sec. 508. Disclosure of information from NCES surveys.


    Subtitle A–Aid to Families of Public Safety Officers

    Sec. 611. Expedited payment for public safety officers involved in the
    prevention, investigation, rescue, or recovery efforts
    related to a terrorist attack.
    Sec. 612. Technical correction with respect to expedited payments for
    heroic public safety officers.
    Sec. 613. Public safety officers benefit program payment increase.
    Sec. 614. Office of Justice programs.

    Subtitle B–Amendments to the Victims of Crime Act of 1984

    Sec. 621. Crime victims fund.
    Sec. 622. Crime victim compensation.
    Sec. 623. Crime victim assistance.
    Sec. 624. Victims of terrorism.


    Sec. 701. Expansion of regional information sharing system to facilitate
    Federal-State-local law enforcement response related to
    terrorist attacks.

    [[Page 115 STAT. 275]]


    Sec. 801. Terrorist attacks and other acts of violence against mass
    transportation systems.
    Sec. 802. Definition of domestic terrorism.
    Sec. 803. Prohibition against harboring terrorists.
    Sec. 804. Jurisdiction over crimes committed at U.S. facilities abroad.
    Sec. 805. Material support for terrorism.
    Sec. 806. Assets of terrorist organizations.
    Sec. 807. Technical clarification relating to provision of material
    support to terrorism.
    Sec. 808. Definition of Federal crime of terrorism.
    Sec. 809. No statute of limitation for certain terrorism offenses.
    Sec. 810. Alternate maximum penalties for terrorism offenses.
    Sec. 811. Penalties for terrorist conspiracies.
    Sec. 812. Post-release supervision of terrorists.
    Sec. 813. Inclusion of acts of terrorism as racketeering activity.
    Sec. 814. Deterrence and prevention of cyberterrorism.
    Sec. 815. Additional defense to civil actions relating to preserving
    records in response to Government requests.
    Sec. 816. Development and support of cybersecurity forensic
    Sec. 817. Expansion of the biological weapons statute.


    Sec. 901. Responsibilities of Director of Central Intelligence regarding
    foreign intelligence collected under Foreign Intelligence
    Surveillance Act of 1978.
    Sec. 902. Inclusion of international terrorist activities within scope
    of foreign intelligence under National Security Act of 1947.
    Sec. 903. Sense of Congress on the establishment and maintenance of
    intelligence relationships to acquire information on
    terrorists and terrorist organizations.
    Sec. 904. Temporary authority to defer submittal to Congress of reports
    on intelligence and intelligence-related matters.
    Sec. 905. Disclosure to Director of Central Intelligence of foreign
    intelligence-related information with respect to criminal
    Sec. 906. Foreign terrorist asset tracking center.
    Sec. 907. National Virtual Translation Center.
    Sec. 908. Training of government officials regarding identification and
    use of foreign intelligence.


    Sec. 1001. Review of the department of justice.
    Sec. 1002. Sense of congress.
    Sec. 1003. Definition of “electronic surveillance”.
    Sec. 1004. Venue in money laundering cases.
    Sec. 1005. First responders assistance act.
    Sec. 1006. Inadmissibility of aliens engaged in money laundering.
    Sec. 1007. Authorization of funds for dea police training in south and
    central asia.
    Sec. 1008. Feasibility study on use of biometric identifier scanning
    system with access to the fbi integrated automated
    fingerprint identification system at overseas consular posts
    and points of entry to the United States.
    Sec. 1009. Study of access.
    Sec. 1010. Temporary authority to contract with local and State
    governments for performance of security functions at United
    States military installations.
    Sec. 1011. Crimes against charitable americans.
    Sec. 1012. Limitation on issuance of hazmat licenses.
    Sec. 1013. Expressing the sense of the senate concerning the provision
    of funding for bioterrorism preparedness and response.
    Sec. 1014. Grant program for State and local domestic preparedness
    Sec. 1015. Expansion and reauthorization of the crime identification
    technology act for antiterrorism grants to States and
    Sec. 1016. Critical infrastructures protection.

    Ther are some areas where I think we can argue may or may not have been necessary. However, on balance, I think that the PATRIOT Act probably did more good than harm and certainly increased the ability of law enforcement and intelligence to work together after being hamstrung by Jamie Gorelick (remember the Gorelick Wall?)

  27. Exactly, this is about getting the terorist. If you are not a terrorist then what are your panties in a wad about? If I didn’t know better I’d think the paleocons were all friggin towelheads the way the worry about this shit. Can we please raise the level of intellectualism here? this populist rhetoric is wearing thin.

  28. Visit one of the top experts on the patriot movement and conspiracy Paul A. Drockton!

  29. Good post here defining the Patriot Act and its ability to impose martial law on the country. Obama has consistently mislead American’s about his intentions, one lie after another. Thanks for the post.

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