Political Ads: Where Culture Goes to Die


Or, you know, maybe to really live! The Village Voice compiles seven political ads to match the weirdness of everyone's favorite Internet distraction from last week, Carly Fiorina's demon sheep.

The Voice gives us a coronor's race in New Orleans haunted by accusation of corpse-harvesting; oxes fighting rats over Georgia's governorship; a Florida election supervisor ad with zany bloopery "outtakes," and perennials like the ol' Senate race "lots of people say my opponent is gay" move.

NEXT: Wayne Allyn Root's "Lessons Obama Should Have Learned From Watching the Super Bowl"

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  1. Lots of people really do say Charlie Christ is gay. In Florida, that could actually matter.

    The really sad thing is, when he was running for governor, his opponent came out with “attack ads” that made him sound libertarian-ish. He came back with replies that insisted he was very much for more government, everywhere and all the time.

  2. Charlie “Hamiltonian Tan” Crist probably is gay, but, more importantly, he’s a statist. I’m definitely voting for Rubio in the primaries.

  3. Normally I would think Crist is probably the kind of squishy RINO that can get elected to statewide office in Florida and that Rubio is not. However, it appears both Rubio and Crist are shown leading any likely Democrat.

    I’m not overly concerned about the Republican Party’s fortunes but at this point I would like to see the Democrats poked with a sharp stick electoral-wise in November.

    And I think Rubio might be prone to doing a little more poking than Crist.

    Is Charlie gay? Either he’s done a good job of hiding it or the electorate don’t care. But as they said when the boiler at the boarding house exploded “the rumors are flying.”

  4. No Mike Gravel on the list?!

  5. The ox and rat ad is among the funniest things I have ever seen. I nearly wet myself by the third time the ox gored the rat, sending clip art blood spewing across clip art buildings. The clencher: “That may work in France, but not Georgia,” as the ox sends the gored rat flying past the clip art Eiffel Tower.

  6. Matt didn’t even show up in person? No chance he’s going to get hit in the face with a chair. What a gyp.

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