Great Moments in Nanny Statism


New York Gov. David Paterson's proposed soda tax would make a six pack of Coke a hair more expensive than a six pack of cheap beer.

Somehow, I doubt they'll remedy this lesson in unintended consequences by scaling back the proposed tax on soda.

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  1. The obvious (to a politician) solution would be to raise the tax on beer. Don’t give them ideas.

    1. I think that was the implication of the last sentence. But Balko didn’t want to spell it out.

      Your the one giving them ideas Xeo! Balko knows how to keep it on the DL.

  2. New York Gov. David Paterson’s proposed soda tax would make a six pack of Coke a hair more expensive than a six pack of cheap beer.

    Hey, that is not so bad! I have been trying to wean out my kids from soda, and this is a great opportunity to consolidate my inventories towards less SKU’s: I just buy beer for everyone!

  3. Most cheap beers wouldn’t get a kid drunk anyway, OM. Or, at least, no child of mine.

    1. That’s fine, we dont want the kids getting more than a buzz anyway. They got chores to do, dammit.

      If I wanted a drunk to mow my lawn, I’d get off my ass and do it myself.

    2. Two words: Steel Reserve.

  4. As long as we all have to keep paying for people’s healthcare then it only makes sense to tax those items that contribute so much to the healthcare costs.

    Of course some might argue that the government should get out of healthcare, but I really don’t see Medicare going anywhere any time soon.

    1. Maybe we could set up some Labor Battalions. They certainly seemed to get all those fine German lads in shape in the 30’s.

      1. We could all become sober and non-smoking vegans, just like Der Fuehrer wanted.

        1. Yes, let’s follow Der Fuehrer’s example further because his amphetamine use had no adverse affect on his mental stability at all! 😛

      2. I remember a S&L skit from when Perot ran for president that said something like that. 5:00 AM wakeup calls for national PT etc.

        Not that it would ever happen, but pretty funny anyway.

        1. Huh? If single payer is passed I give it 10 years at the outside.

        2. That wasn’t SNL, that was 1984.

  5. It’s because those MADD mothers are hyper on the sugar.

  6. I foolishly ventured above 14th Street last Friday and wound up at some bar near Flatiron. I spent $8 for a goddamn Stella. And I was rushed. And my Chucks were not appreciated.

    Now, I hate any sort of Fat Tax on principle, but, honestly, it’s the least of this city’s problems.

  7. The obvious solution is to raise the drinking age to 41.

  8. I quit buying cokes shortly after I started homebrewing. I gave them up entirely* last May.

    *subject to falling off the occassion caffeine wagon. Im not a cold turkey kind of guy.

    1. If you need your caffeine fix, just drink coffee.

      (I’m one of those whack jobs who doesn’t drink carbonated beverages….)

  9. subject to falling off the occassion caffeine wagon.

    I was off the caffeine wagon until I was introduced to mate (that Argentine tea that tastes like…..well, dirt). I’m hooked and happy.

  10. Come on, there are 100 other reasons to pick on this tax besides this one. While both beer and soda dehydrate you, they are far from substitutes. How many times have you, while laying on the couch, yelled to your wife, “Get me a soda/pop/coke” and get the response “we’re out”. So what is your next move? Yell, “Get me a PBR”?

    A better argument would be, if you make coke too expensive you will push coke and jack drinkers to become straight up jack drinkers. There are already enough sober assholes in the world (see Progressives and Republicans). The last think we need is more straight-up liquor alcoholics.

  11. This is liberalism. And its adherents still believe in it, no matter how ridiculous it gets.

  12. Baah, what a stupid story. 12-packs of coke and pepsi are constantly on sale around here for 3 for $10-11. Quit trying to make stories out of outliers.

  13. this lesson in unintended consequences

    Radley, have you been living under a rock for 20 years? Right now in Illinois a 24 oz. can of Miller Lite will cost me $1.79 whereas a 20-oz. Coke will run $1.49 at the same store. (The same price per ounce.) I worked at a liquor store in the 80’s and a regular price 6-pack of Coke always cost more than a regular price 6-pack of Milwaukee’s Best, Olympia, Hamms, Drewry’s, etc.

  14. I don’t see what the problem is. Beer is probably healthier for kids than sodas.

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