Reason Writers Around the Web: Radley Balko Writes About Martha Coakley's Troubling History as a Prosecutor for Politico


Polls show the race to replace the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) between Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown is tightening. Over at Politico, Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko looks at Coakley's troubling career as a prosecutor.


Coakley has made her reputation as a law-and-order prosecutor. More troubling, she's shown a tendency to aggressively push the limits of the law in high-profile cases and an unwillingness to cop to mistakes — be they her own or those of other prosecutors…

As a member of the Senate, not only would Coakley be creating new federal criminal laws; given her record as a prosecutor, there's a good chance she'd serve on committees with oversight over the Justice Department and the judiciary. She'd also be casting votes to confirm or deny federal judicial appointments. Advocates for criminal justice reform should be wary. Coakley may share Kennedy's opposition to the death penalty, but her record as a prosecutor leaves plenty of doubt about her commitment to justice.

Read the whole article at Politico.

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  1. Honest to God, I would vote for a committed Bolshevik before I voted for that bitch. I don't know anything about Brown. He could be a first class nut for all I know. But, if there is any justice in the world Coakley is going to loose next Tuesday. It makes me sick to my stomach to think she could be rewarded with a Senate seat for such a depraved career as a prosecutor.

  2. I hear sometimes from right-wingers that Democrats are thugs but usually ignore it. And then you see this photo.

    1. Too bad it was some weenie reporter. Would have been great if he would have kicked that guy's ass.

      1. John, do you consider Radley to be a "weenie reporter?"

        1. No. I was talking about the Weekly Standard guy whom the Coakley thug pushed down.

  3. Martha Coakley's Troubling History as a Prosecutor for Politico

    Coakley was a prosecutor for Politico?

  4. Wow, there is only one comment on that Politico piece accusing Radley of being a shill for the Republicans. Coakley is in more trouble than I thought.

  5. As a resident of Massachusetts (or Massachusettes as the latest Coakley ad calls my state) I can't name one thing Martha Coakley has actually done that's while attourney general. She made some backroom deal with the Archdiocese of Boston to keep a child raping Priest in cloth for another 7 years back in 1995, and amidst all of our statehouse corruption arrests and prosecutions, she was no where to be found (those investigations were handled by the federal government). One would think a state's AG would be totally embarassed by having the Federal Government do her job, but then again most public officals in Massachusetts have no shame in letting others do the heavy lifting. She definately came into this thing thinking it would be easy win, and as usual snubbed her nose to the voters. Now she's trying to play catchup and anyone with a braincell is still trying to figure out what she's actually DONE as a public figure in Massachusetts. I'm not a huge fan of Brown, but he's lightyears better than "I'll vote down party lines all the time and provide no leadership" Martha. Martha Coakley is about as exciting to vote for as gray industrial carpet.

    1. My inlaws are from Mass. And all the people I ever talked to up there all said they voted for Kennedy because he was powerful and brought money to the state. Well, Kennedy is dead and Coakley isn't going to be anywhere close to what Kennedy was. So, why vote for her?

      I will be the first to admit I am often dimensionally optimistic about politics. But I really think Brown is going to win.

  6. Is that what could be called "The Female Gaze"?

    1. She's checking out the package of some guy on the witness stand, thinking "wow, if I wasn't framing him for child molestation, I would totally do him".


      1. She looks like she wants to neuter some guy with a rusty can opener. That's all.

        1. Actually, she looks to me like she wants to be slapped around a little and be assfucked by a stranger in a public bathroom. Those angry lips are a dead giveaway.

          1. "Oh, Kif... kiss me with your lipless beak!"

          2. +1 and you are just the guy to do it.

          3. "If I didn't have puke breath, I'd kiss you."

          4. Project much, Warty?

  7. This article makes me look forward to the eventual hatchet job Radley will pen on that scumbag Blumenthal. He's worse than all of 'em, even Spitzer.

  8. Unfortunately there is a large segment of the population in MA that votes based entirely on the letter next to a person's name on the ballot. If you put "Adolf Hitler - D" on a ballot in this state, 9 out of 10 times Der Fuhrer would win. The Democratic party machine in this state is absurdly powerful - it's essentially a modern day Tammany Hall. We have TONS of people on the government payroll and the Unions all fall into line as well, leaving only the middle class who actually have to work and earn a living to vote differently. What's most amusing is that the people who blindy vote Democrat in this state are the first to bitch about how evangelicals will vote for anyone with an - R next to their name. Massachusetts government is a great example of hypocracy in its worst form.

    The Kennedy thing I can understand. I don't agree with 99.9% of his policy but he was a very powerful Senator and brought a lot of attention (or shall I say $$$) to Massachusetts.

    1. My mother inlaw is the most devout Catholic I know. She is about as committed pro life as they come. Yet, she consistently votes for the party of abortion because she is convinced they are the only side for the little guy. If you talk to her, her views are almost entirely in line with the Republican party and the right wing of the party at that. But, she always votes Democrat. It is like some kind of brain washing.

  9. You're trying to make


    seem like a bad thing by inserting it next to that awful chicken-lady head, aren't you?

    I will not be swayed!

  10. LOL< that chick just looks to be as corrupt as the day is long.


    1. She's 24 hours corrupt? You're not making much sense here, bot-dude.

  11. Even privacy bot wouldn't vote for her. I think it's all over.

  12. I still say that being a prosecutor should make you ineligible to run for any elective office until 10 years after you quit. Maybe 20.

  13. Justice smushtice. Don't be a damn homo!

  14. "Coakley conceded that she's "no medical expert" but then went on to question the body of medical literature showing accidental addiction to be a myth. Coakley cited only her own experience as a DA to contradict the litany of peer-reviewed medical research."

    yeah, that whole idea of trials, search for truth, accountability...its all a crock. Its no coincidence that the Salem witch trials occurred in MA

  15. Well, the people that DAs come into professional contact with are pretty much a random sample of the general population, so her own observations are just as valid as any of your "data" and "studies" and all that "peer reviewed research" junk.

    1. The people DAs come into professional contact to are anything but a random sample of the population. Take a look around a prison and ask yourself if the people in there look like a representative cross-section of the population.

      Hint: they don't.

      1. Your sarcasm meter. Turn it on, please.

  16. Reason Writers Around the Web: Radley Balko Writes About Martha Coakley's Troubling History as a Prosecutor for Politico

    I find it troubling that Politico would hire someone to work as a prosecutor for their website. 😉

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