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New Jersey to Allow Medical Use of Marijuana


Yesterday both houses of the New Jersey legislature approved a bill that allows people with specified illnesses and a doctor's recommendation to obtain marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries. The bill, which Gov. Jon Corzine has promised to sign before he leaves office next week, will make New Jersey the 14th state to permit the medical use of marijuana. Unlike California, where patients are allowed to grow marijuana for their own use but distributors must contend with dueling interpretations of a vague law, New Jersey will ban home production while explicitly allowing sales of up to two ounces per patient each month. The conditions for which doctors may recommend marijuana include cancer, AIDS, Lou Gehrig's disease, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis. Patients will not be allowed to use marijuana in public, and The New York Times reports that it will be dispensed "under the strict conditions used to track the distribution of medically prescribed opiates like Oxycontin and morphine"—which, given the experience with narcotic painkillers, suggests that many patients who could benefit from it will not be able to obtain it.

It's not clear where this leaves John Ray Wilson, the New Jersey man who was convicted last month of growing marijuana that he used to treat his M.S. Although the new law would not have allowed such cultivation, it would have made it unnecessary, and it highlights the injustice of punishing Wilson for using a soon-to-be-legal method of relieving his symptoms. Corzine's office said he was waiting for the outcome of Wilson's trial before considering the case for clemency. If that means waiting until Wilson is sentenced on February 5, Wilson may be out of luck, since Corzine leaves office on Tuesday.

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  1. Why is this even necessary? Can’t the doctors just prescribe Marinol, which has been proven by the FDA to be safe and effective. Marijuana has not, and in fact Congress has determined marijuana to have a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical value. That is why it is schedule 1 along with heroin and cannot be prescribed. This law violates federal law. I believe the experts will all conclude that it is a bad idea because it sends the wrong message to children. If New Jersey won’t enforce the law, the DEA needs to go into New Jersey and round up some of these ‘patients’ for some good ‘ole fashioned SEVERE punishment.

    1. Not bad. But in the appeal to authority part, you should substitute “Congress” (who no sane person respects) for a vague “Drug Experts at the President’s Office of Drug Control”.

    2. Tell me Juanita, should I be punished for using pot to relieve symptoms of MS that put me in a wheelchair otherwise?

      1. Am I the only MS patient in the world whose symptoms aren’t alliviated by using weed? I’m starting to suspect that the “children” I’m using to score my stuff are cutting it with oregano.

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    4. because marinol is only 1 chemical out of the many active cannabinoids in cannabis. also marinol is an oral form, which means patients with nausea and vomiting can’t hold them down long enough to take effect. sublingual cannabis tinctures and vaporized cannabis are much more effective than oral marinol.

    5. Are u fucking retarted u stupid bitch shut the fuck up it was god who created bud for a reason because it makes ppl kind and helps cancer patients survive. The number of deaths from pot:0 the number from alcohol:Thousands and growing the best part is that alcohol was man made weed wasnt hummm wonder which one we should use im gonna go with weed so stfu u baby eating whore

  2. Congress has determined marijuana to have a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical value

    Congress has determined this? Then it must be true!

  3. Jaunita: Its so nice to see the neo-con GOP liberty destroying angle so often laking in our society. Excellent use of a Simpsons paraphrase “Won’t someone please think of the children!”
    After all with a killer like Marijauna who knows what our society would look like if it were decriminalized, I mean heaven forbid we succomb to its relaxing effects and its pizza eating evils.
    Thank god for Neo-cons!

  4. This is necessary as Marinol does not have the same effect (or chemical makeup) as marijuana that is smoked. Nor was it ever intended to. Congress also determined Alcohol to be a schedule 1 drug.. but the people would not stand for it. And as for the DEA, they’ll be busy with the 13 other states that have enacted similar (albeit more liberal) laws (Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington). Do some research… information may save you from sounding foolish.

  5. Shut the fuck up Juanita

  6. “Congress determined”?

    Yeah, that huge band of highly-educated scientific experts.

    Congress can make up whatever “findings” it wants to justify any particular piece of shit legislation.

    Juanita, do you know what else has “a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical value”? Beer.

    Marijuana is not the gateway drug. Beer is. Guess we’d better ban that and put people in prison for having a can of Old Swillwaukee on them…

    1. Seriously, A different Bill: don’t give Jaunita any ideas!

    2. No alcohol has a long history of safe use in western society. Drugs do not and have negative downstream effects.

      1. No, alcohol has a history of use, not safe use, ask a midnight ER doctor who they see dead on any given weekend…it aint a pot smoker.

      2. Are you shitting me? Or are you just trying to see how far you can push the limits of sock puppetry?

        “Alcohol has a long history of safe use in western society”??

        What fucking account of history have you been reading? Alcohol maims, cripples and kills a heck of a lot of people every year. The people clearly cannot be trusted with it – especially because the vast majority of young people who try marijuana tried beer first. In fact, many of them tried marijuana for the first time while they were drunk after drinking some beer!

        So indeed, beer is the first gateway drug, which leads to marijuana, which leads to teen pregancy and STDs, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!

  7. WA State House Bill 2401.


    Scheduled for public hearing tomorrow.

    1. I live in WA and haven’t even heard of this. If it passes, that will be incredibly awesome. Therefore, it almost assuredly won’t.

  8. How can Corzine lose by just pardoning the guy? Why not? Holy shit, politicians are such pieces of shit.

  9. Obviously, Juanita is the classic H&R sock puppet, but has she ever been outed? Like poor Neil/Cesar?

    1. PL –
      Juanita is my unrequited internet love. That is all I care about.

  10. It could be you. I used to think it was thoreau, but he’s not around much anymore. Too busy plotting the destruction of the world or something, I guess.

  11. New Jersey will ban home production while explicitly allowing sales of up to two ounces per patient each month.

    What’s the rationale behind banning home production and requiring sick people to spend more than they need to buying something they can grow themselves?

    1. So someone can make money off the sale, and the state can make money off the sales tax.

      (As disgusting as that may be, at least it creates a moneyed party interested in keeping marijuana legal–think of the overpayment the patients are making as political donations).

    2. It was part of the compromise.

  12. Look, New Jersey, doesn’t matter what you DO – I am NOT moving over there.

  13. so according to this does that mean pain patients will not be allowed to get cannabis recommendations in NJ? they should have modeled it more like CA, CO, or RI. the fact that they won’t let patients and/or caregivers grow their own medicine is bullshit.

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