Open Thread: TSA To Keep Us Safe From Nigerian Terrorists, Bankers' Sons, 419 Scammers


Since everybody seems to want to talk about the latest in Transportation Safety Administration foolproofitude, here's your chance.

Possible topics:

Liquids banned. Solids banned. Will gases be banned next?

If you're not allowed to keep anything on your lap, do barf bags and in-flight magazines become attractive nuisances?

Is there an inverse relationship between the retardation of the terrorist and the federal overreaction? The 9/11 attackers (who whatever you want to say about them were clearly competent and effective) inspired many new restrictions, but it took the stupid nincompoop Richard Reid to make us lose our shoes. What will we be required to doff thanks to the apparently dirt-dumb Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab?

Why can't these crazed Muslims just attack the Pope like normal people do?

Or pick your own subject matter. Long before the 9/11 attacks, I considered air travel something to be endured in a state of placid unhappiness, and I have long hoped to become a John Madden-type air travel refusenik. In this fast-paced, globetrotting age, that's never really been possible, but maybe four-hour lines at the gate will finally bring people around to my way of thinking.