Obamanation to Welch: You Lie, Boy!


Been a good while since I got any fun hate mail, and no one else seems to be blogging today, so let's see what some of our friends out there thought about my Obama=liar post from yesterday (the first one, I mean). The names have been withheld to protect the guilty:

Subject: No, you lie!

So the president is lying when he:

Uses the word "report" instead of "projects"  (Can't one report on ones projections?)

Uses the phrase "reducing the deficit" instead of "cutting spending"  (if you cut spending and do nothing else, aren't you reducing the deficit?)

Refers to the CBO projections (which in your view is a lie because what's in the bill might not actually happen.  Couldn't that be said of all bills?)

Do you realize how petty you look?  You're the one playing word games.  And to call the guy a liar based on your dissatisfaction with his phraseology is truly pathetic.

But at least with you, you can tell a book by its cover.  You look like a damn 50s throw-back, a hard-core nerd in serious need of a pocket protector.  Which is exactly what the conservative "movement" is – a bunch of losers stuck in the past.


Subject: Show The President some RESPECT

Of course you are entitled to your opinion of President Obama's handling of the current health care crisis.  Call it stating the facts.  Call it whatever you want.  But the 'facts' can be laid out without the inclusion of ridiculous illustrations and without the disrespectful name calling.  You are splitting hairs when you take issue with the use of the word 'reports' as opposed to 'projects.'

How misguided that you would expect every American to study Peter Suderman's commentary before listening to 'a word The President says.'  I feel sorry for those of you who are so closed minded to this president you actually would encourage the American public not to listen to him.  God forbid we should have an informed electorate.  You're missing the boat and history will prove it.


Subject: David harney

You lie!

  I don't know who/what "David harney" is, either.