ObamaCare & Mission Creep Redux: Sen. Harkin says health care bill "is a starter home."


Jeebus H. Christ, it didn't take long for the scope of ObamaCare to swell up like the ankles of a carnival fat lady after a day at work! ObamaCare isn't even law yet, but Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) explains it all for us plainer than Sr. Mary Ignatius ever dared.

Despite the crappy housing market, the health care reform bill currently being debated in the Senate is only a "starter home," you see. We've got to leverage the country into an unaffordable McMansion ASAP. Talking to the lefty Iowa Independent, the Daniel Ortega– and bee pollen-loving senator, gives a disturbing metaphor about the real goals of this historic (hysteric?) legislation:

"What we are buying here is a modest home, not a mansion. What we are getting here is a starter home. It's got a good foundation: 30 million Americans are covered. It's got a good roof: A lot of protections from abuses by insurance companies. It's got a lot of nice stuff in there for prevention and wellness. But, we can build additions as we go along in the future. It is a starter home. Think about it in that way."

More Harkinisms here.

Suffice it to say that this is exactly why we titled our latest Reason.tv video "ObamaCare and Mission Creep: Why health care reform will end up covering much more than you think." Watch below. Go to Reason.tv for downloadable versions. Forget snowballs—throw this at your nearest representative.