Stuck Inside of Reagan National With The Outdated Air Traffic Control System Blues Again


Live (well, semi-comatose) from Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.: The weekend dump of snow has put the Capital City in a tizzy, with proactive school closings, taxicab emergencies (meaning drivers collect double the fare), Metro bus and train interruptions, and more. The snafu is nowhere bigger than at the area's airports, where flights were cancelled en masse yesterday and today.

A month ago, released a video about a lagging part of U.S. aviation: The nation's antiquated air traffic control system, which really hasn't changed much in the past half-century or more. We titled that piece "Your Flight Has Been Delayed…And It's Washington's Fault." Well, this time around, weather certainly has the starring role, but put on your Snuggie, pull up your computer screen, throw another log on the fire, toss another slug of rum into your hot chocolate, and watch the video again. However bad the weather was for East Coast jet-setters this weekend, a legacy air-traffic-control system ain't helping anything.

If nothing else, it may take your mind off the phoney-baloney climate deal reached in Copenhagen, the phoney-baloney health care reform bill trickling through the Senate, and the fact that 2010 is shaping up to be just as awful as this past year was.

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