The Election Made Me Do it


Not at all to pick on self-made political commentator, web entrepreneur, and alleged global warming flip-flopper Charles Johnson, but a recent interview he gave explaining his dramatic I-break-with-thee letter to the Right contained as neat an explanation I've seen for why you shouldn't trust any partisans in the heat of an election:

I know you voted for John McCain, and after the election, I think either your first or second post you noted that the Muslim Brotherhood was pleased.

Well that was true.

But what does the Muslim Brotherhood think of Sarah Palin? HUH???

There's not a part of you that cringes when you hear that post?

No, I think it's important for people to know these things. Because it's true that the Muslim Brotherhood was pleased when Obama was elected. But I don't think they're quite as pleased now. He's pretty much kept a lot of the foreign policies of the Bush administration intact.

How do you think Obama's doing so far?

I've actually changed my mind quite a bit about Barack Obama. You know how things are during an election, everybody gets hyper-partisan, and I guess I was guilty of that as much as anyone. But I've seen him be a lot more centrist than I ever expected during the election, based on his background, and the people that he got his political start with, you know, Bill Ayeres [sic], Reverend Wright. If I had to go back, knowing what I do now, I probably would have voted for him.


Also, I've become extremely negative toward Sarah Palin.

Didn't you feel that way in the beginning?

I was skeptical of her, but I was ready to defend her, because it was hyper-partisan time.

Link via L.A. Observed.