Foreign Policy

Chalabi's New Crush


Remember Ahmad Chalabi? Exile Iraqi neo-con fave? Over at the Washington Times, Eli Lake reports that Chalabi is a big fan of President Barack Obama. Excerpt:

Then again, Saudi princes always love American presidents, too

"The few months of your administration have produced a sea-change in the perception of the United States of America in the world and specifically among Muslims," he wrote to Mr. Obama in a recent letter that he shared with The Times. "Your historic speech in Cairo has become a beacon of hope for the coming era." […]

Mr. Chalabi said he would have voted for Mr. Obama in the 2008 presidential election and that his longtime aide, Francis Brooke, who lives in Washington, did.

"Obama has the right attitude in Iraq," Mr. Chalabi said in an interview at one of his family's gated estates in northern Baghdad. "He wants to transform Iraq's relationship in the United States beyond security and intelligence to a meaningful alliance between two countries which see great mutual benefit in cooperation in terms of oil, the economy, development, culture, education and democracy."

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