Polanski Condemned For a Crime He Admits to Committing, Must Now Tough It Out in Alpine Chalet


Swiss authorities will release film director Roman Polanski into house arrest at his luxury Alpine chalet on Friday, the government said on Wednesday.

"Polanski will be transferred to Gstaad on Friday and should be in his chalet after 1 o'clock in the afternoon," Justice Department spokesman Folco Galli said….

Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with the girl but fled the United States on the eve of his 1978 sentencing because he believed a judge might overrule his plea and put him in jail for 50 years.

More here.

Reason on Polanski here.

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  1. Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with drugging and forcibly raping the 13 year-old girl, while she attemped to fight him off


    1. Well, ok, technically, he did not “plead guilty to” forcible rape. he pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor, under the plea bargain, to avoid the more severe rape charges. But he did admit to the facts of drugging and then forcing himself upon her, which would constitute the worse crime.

      1. Did you miss the whole “She was not unresponsive” meme that’s been going around the site for the past month or is there some other confession I am not aware of?

    2. No, he only pleaded guilty to having sex with her.

      1. Right – there is a distinction between the facts as he admitted to them, and which particular criminal offense he actually pled guilty to.

        The “she was not unresponsive” line is bullshit. What does that mean? The facts, as he admitted, were that her response was to say “no” and try to push him away, but of course (1) he had drugged her with champagne and half a quaalude, and (2) she was only 13, and therefore, as a small girl, unable to physically resist him. And (3) “she wanted it” or “she liked it” is the standard bullshit plea of the pedophile rapist.

        1. I expect he rationalizes her struggles against him as her being sexually aroused. Who knows, he may actually have come to believe his own lies.

        2. Actually the “she was not unresponsive” comment was in regards to Natassia Kinski, when she was 15.

  2. Maybe they can send Dep. Adam Stoddard to the chalet as well.

    1. Or maybe we can send the Seattle Police Department to pick him up for extradition.

      1. Might be helpful to send someone from Las Vegas MPD as well. They’ve gotten away with shooting several people in the back in recent years, including one unarmed handcuffed suspect.

  3. Whenever I see “Gstaad,” I pronounce it in my mind like Dan Ackroyd’s character of Winthorp in “Trading Places.”

    Louis Winthorpe III: Look, it tells time simultaneously in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, and Gstaad.

    Pawnbroker: In Philadelphia, it’s worth 50 bucks.

    Louis Winthorpe III: Just give me the money.

    1. Whenever I see “Gstaad,”

      I imagine I’m in a Bret Easton Ellis book.

    2. Did you like the movie “Trading Places”? If so, you’ll love this new movie by Aaron Russo! Here, let me give you a free copy…

  4. Swiss authorities will release film director Roman Polanski into house arrest at his luxury Alpine chalet on Friday, the government said on Wednesday.

    Any action on whether he’ll still be there Saturday?

    1. He can just walk over the Alps into France just like the Von Traps did.

      1. “He can just walk over the Alps into France just like the Von Traps did.”

        While singing?

  5. The moral to this story, as I see it, is simple: Don’t fuck children. It’s simply not worth it.

  6. Hey, if I go out and bang a 13 year-old, can I get confined to a chalet in Gstaad?

    1. Can’t hurt to try.

  7. Sort of on topic.

    “Researchers were conducting a study comparing the views of men in their 20s who had never been exposed to pornography with regular users.

    But their project stumbled at the first hurdle when they failed to find a single man who had not been seen it.

    “We started our research seeking men in their 20s who had never consumed pornography,” said Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse. “We couldn’t find any.”

    Although hampered in its original aim, the study did examined the habits of those young men who used pornography ? which would appear to be all of them.”…..-find.html

    1. That’s SCIENCE!


      Some “regular” porn is almost a documentary of how to rape.

    3. I consumed pornography once, but it gave me gas and a wicked stomachache.

  8. If the chalet is crushed in an avalanche, how many atheists will briefly consider the possibility of God existing?

    1. Only the ones who proclaim atheism just to sound cool and aloof.

      Besides – an avalanche in the Alps is evidence of a deity? Pretty low bar you set there.

    2. If Polanski gets off scot free (unlikely, actually), how many believers will consider the possibility that Satan is God?

  9. The moral to this story, as I see it, is simple: Don’t fuck children. It’s simply not worth it.

    I don’t know where you’d get that from Polanki’s story. He’s doing fine. There’s no lesson in it. All I see is What the fuck, Jesus? I don’t ass-rape any drugged out tweens, and you won’t give me a damn “Alpine chalet.”


    1. Let’s see.

      – Couldn’t pick up his oscar in America.

      – Has been in jail for months now.

      – Has likely spent 6+ figures on legal representation

      – Will likely do jail time if extradited

      Yup, he’s doing fine.

      I and my throbbing erection are off to the local middle school.


  10. If a meteor starts the avalanche and the avalanche causes no damage to other people of their property and is followed by a rain of frogs, I’ll consider it.

    1. “a rain of frogs”

      I like that! Thanks!

    2. followed by a rain of frogs

      The green kind or the ones who eat snails and fetid cheese?

  11. There are people who believe in God because the builder of the Titanic said “God Himself couldn’t sink this ship,” and then it sank. Nevermind that icebergs are not uncommon in the North Atlantic, hence crewmembers were supposed to be looking out for them.

    People are fucking stupid.

    1. Goldberg, not Iceberg.

      Get your Jewish conspiracy theories stright.

  12. You know, for such a short comment thread, you sure do have a sweet-looking mouth…

  13. Oh, Roman, now we’re neighbors!

  14. isn’t this just statutory, I thought the “victim” wasn’t in favor of punishing him.

    1. Doesn’t matter what the victim is or isn’t in favor of – if a crime has been committed, the state has an interest in prosecuting it.

      Anymore these days, all crimes are “just statutory.”

    2. She was very much in favor of it until he ran away. Now 30+ years later she’d just as soon the whole thing went away.

      1. I’m sure Polanski’s payment of $500,000 in cash helped with that, too. Nothing heals like time — except six figure settlements.

  15. Polanski looks forward to having a good, stiff drink when he gets home. “I like my brandy like I like my women,” the director quipped, “12 years old and mixed with coke.”

    1. Yes, I definitely love you.

    2. Or like his Scotch-single, smooth, 12 years old…

  16. Oh, the po-lice came and got me
    (Wa-WAAAA wa-wa)
    Put me under house arrest
    I said, the po-lice came and got me
    (Wa-WAAAA wa-wa)
    And they put me under house arrest
    Locked away in my little Swiss chalet
    I can’t leave this Alpine nest
    Oh, I got me the celebrity house-arrest blues
    (Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa WAAAA-wa-wa-wa)

  17. For anyone wanting insight on WTF was going on in Polanski’s mind at that time, take a look at this review of his abortion of a film: What?.

    1. Don’t mention abortion you fool!

      1. Did someone say ‘abortion?’

        Oh, chill out, I’m just kidding.

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