If You're Thinking of Voting Republican Any Time Soon, Read This Article


From CNSNews ("The right news. Right now."):

"61 Percent of Republicans and Republican Leaning Independents Say GOP Puts 'Too Little' Emphasis on Illegal Immigration, Says Washington Post Poll"

That's a story which then goes on to note that 60 percent of the same cohort believes that the GOP puts "too little" emphasis on government spending and 60 percent say it puts too little on "economy and jobs."

But really, in a time of declining immigration (both legal and not), of staggering deficits that build off the Bush years' precedent, and a craptacular economy, it sure does make sense to stress the illegal immigration issue. Yeah, that's the ticket. As an email from CNSNews' communciations director underscores, "Of those surveyed, another 29% think the issue gets the right amount of focus, while only 1% think the issue gets too much attention. That means that—taken together – 90% of Republicans and Independents think immigration should continue to be a defining issue for the party and for America." [emphasis in original]

Good luck in 2010, fellas. You're gonna need it.