Hawaii Says "Aloha" to Big Waves…And Big Pork From Stimulus!


Stimulus—is there anything it can't do? Reader Prolefeed sends along this tasty morsel of roasted pig from Obama's home state, via Hawaii Reporter and Grassroot Institute of Hawaii:

Hawaii received $2,284,000 million of federal stimulus funds for the 11the Congressional district, $40,903,941 million for the 15th Congressional district, $1,651,811 for the "00" Congressional district, and $799,656 in the 99th congressional district creating a combined "3.4" jobs or $13,423,355 per job, according to the federal government's transparency web site for stimulus funds, according to Recovery.gov.

However, Hawaii has just two congressional districts, 1 and 2.

More here.

And because it's Thanksgiving and we don't have very much to be thankful for, here's quite possibly the greatest clip ever related to Hawaii:

And the best clip ever related to stimulus spending: