DEA Stops Citing AMA on Medical Marijuana


Speaking of evolving positions on medical marijuana, it looks like the DEA has stopped telling the public "the American Medical Association recommends that marijuana remain a Schedule I controlled substance," a legal category that signifies a high potential for abuse, a lack of medical utility, and a lack of safety even under medical supervision. That statement was still on the DEA's website (under the heading "Exposing the Myth of Smoked Medical Marijuana: The Facts") as of late this afternoon, despite last week's AMA resolution recommending that "the Schedule I status of marijuana be reviewed with the goal of facilitating clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods." But the AMA citation is now gone, possibly due to an emailing campaign organized by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

The AMA-endorsed statement on medical marijuana is here (PDF).

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  1. LEAP, NORML and some smaller supporter organizations did a great job on getting the word out on this.

  2. The DEA still has it posted on a different DOJ site at:


  3. So I guess "teaching the debate" is out on this issue?

  4. DEA still has it up on their web site as of Nov,17,2009 @5:39PM cali time.

  5. Clearly the AMA is a bunch of pot-smokin hippies bent on the destruction of Amerika.

    Seriously though, I think this makes the DEA the single most worthless branch of the federal government. It's pretty hard to beat "sole existence based on lies, fraud and tyranny"

    1. The DEA is not a branch; its actually under the executive branch, whose leader supports state's rights to medicinal use

  6. Some days you gotta LEAP to feel NORML!

    Rock on guys. One more punch for the fight!

  7. Man, I'll bet the majority of the puckered-anii right (and idiot Democrat drug warriors like Rangel) are up in arms over this.

    Fuck 'em.

  8. By definition, the DEA is a homegrown terrorist organization. And their total lack of credibility just makes them a laughing stock.

  9. Wow! thats pretty pathetic of the DEA. Must be their cash crop, and a lot easier and safer to bust students, sick people and average joes instead of the hardened criminals selling Meth, Crack and Heroin. Note to DEA - your greed is rather blatantly transparent.

    Good job at on your ability to drive teens to huff paint, robotrip and snort prescription drugs. Might not be very safe but at least they don't have to worry about losing financial aid and closing future doors of employment. The dark ages always seem to be right around the corner!

    Why can't the uber conservative republicans understand that the right to smoke an occasional jay for recreation or m.s., glaucoma, cancer, chronic pain, insomnia etc that marinol does not adequately treat.

    Pop quiz DEA - which is more prevalent in high schools? alcohol or marijuana

    which is illegal? alcohol or marijuana

    which do kids end up going to the "hood" for? alcohol or marijuana

  10. Part of my statement

    ...adequately treat....

    is actually very similar to the Gun control issue.

    There will always be demand for both. Because of the demand their will always be a black market that supplies both. Both are dangerous,which depend on responsibility as the multiplier. (except marijuana rarely kills).

    Finally, the damage done to the "criminal" marijuana users and loved ones is usually much much worse than the harm that the marijuana actually does. We need smarter people running this country. seriously. We have too many greedy politicians, bureaucrats and selfish companies. Put the screws to the tobacco industry they do far far more harm. Oh thats right, the politicians depend on the tobacco lobbyist to run their campaigns. WHAT A JOKE.

  11. They forgot to take the endnote that cites the old policy down! The endnote (#3) is without reference in the text.


  12. Rejoice! Marijuana will be schedule II so drug companies can legally study it and make pills for prescription use. Marijuana will still be illegal just as Heroin is to Oxycotin only now you will be charged with an additional felony for possessing a "legend drug" medical marijuana. Ask any attorney or police officer.

  13. Fecking American Medical Association- tis naught but a doctor's fucking union. Substantive health care reform will never happen as long as this union limits the number of doctors, thus keeping their wages ridiculously high...

  14. DEA gets a majority of their budget allocated just to fight something less harmfull than alcohol. They will continue to lie and distort facts to keep the money pouring in. No suprise here.

  15. time to levitate the dea.

    shut'em down raise'em up

    LEGALIZE the blessed and righteous herb, mon

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