Help Reason Win the Battle For "Free Minds and Free Markets"!


We're not looking for 300 Spartans—hey, we're libertarians, fer chrissakes, we fight like Spartans for what we believe in, but we also like the good life and we want everyone to participate fully in civic life—but we are looking for 500 new donors to help fund Reason's efforts to make the case for "Free Minds and Free Markets" to bigger and bigger and more influential audiences.

As a magazine, Reason has been around for 41 years. We've supplemented the "kick-ass, no-holds-barred" print edition with a kick-ass, no-holds-barred website (and blog!) and, even more recently, with a kick-ass, no-holds-barred video site.

The threads that run so true through all these activities (including

Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes all the above and runs a great policy think thank) is a principled case for maximum freedom and liberty in all areas of human activity; a dedication to inquiry and ideas; and an uncompromising commitment to producing the most interesting, provocative, honest, and good journalism around.

And, of course, pictures of lobster girl and hunky free-market congressmen stranded on desert islands.

My colleague Matt Welch made his video pitch to you earlier today. To paraphrase Johnny Cash at San Quentin, I'm gonna play that one again.

These are rotten economic times, the product to a large degree of awful government policies dating back at least to the start of this so-far-miserable 21st century. These are perilous times for civil liberties, for lifestyle freedom, for international trade, for you-name-it. One thing that you've been able to depend on since 1968 is that the folks at Reason have got your back. Year after year, month after month, day after day, we're out in the public square telling folks why capitalism is good and central control is bad, why freedom of speech rocks and regulation sucks eggs, why drug legalization, open borders, pluralism, transhumanism, low taxes, and more would make us richer, smarter, stronger. The bigger Reason in all its iterations gets, the bigger those arguments get.

Please support our efforts by making a (tax-deductible!) donation now. For a hundred clams, you get to pick between two great Reason books, Radicals for Capitalism and Everyone Is Stupid Except For Me. For lesser amounts, you get less swag and for higher amounts, you get more (click on the link above for a full listing). You'll be helping us to keep putting the mag you dig, the website you love, and videos like the one below. And you'll be helping to make the rest of the 21st century better than its first decade.