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Eric Cartman as the Glenn Beck of South Park Elementary:

Reason's interview with South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker here.

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  1. I bet Libertymike will think this post is fueled by Moynihan’s envy of Beck. Or Cartman. Something like that, anyway.

  2. When Southpark FAILED to deliver us an illustrated depiction of Mohammed in their episode about a fictional Family Guy Mohammed-censorship, they lost my respect.

    1. It was Comedy Central that pussy’d out, not South Park.
      South Park has already depicted Mohammed in a earlier episode, in season 3 if I recall correctly.

    2. I bet you ride a Harley, FAG. Or are you merely bike-curious?

    3. Yeah, you’re right. People should be prepared to risk death and dismemberment to retain your respect; it’s just that valuable. Who are you again?

      1. Hey, Joel, wanna know one of the big differences between Christians and Muslims?

        Draw a funny picture of Jesus results in some scathing letters to the editor or a boycott, maybe.

        Draw a funny picture of Mohammed, and people get threatened… or get dead.

        Candyassery abounds.

        1. Fag.

      2. Who was risking death and dismemberment?

    4. Southpark DID include Mohammed. The network cut it out. Just like Southpark includes all the cussing, but comedy central bleeps it…

      1. Thats what I initially thought, but when viewing a rerun that was aired on MTV (I should be executed for ever having my ccable box on such a crap channel), they showed the “this image was removed by comedy central” graphic, leading mem to believe that SP essentially punted and used comedy central as its scapegoat. About to watch the episode on to figure it out.

        1. And just as I suspected, shows the episode with a the same “comedy central refuses to air this segment” BS. I don’t think their website is tied to Comedy Central or Viacomm (I recognize that MTV is also owned by Viacom so I realize that couldve been a uniform policy across all of their stations). Therefore, it looks to me like it is SP that refused to do it. (the season three Mohammed airing occurred in a pre 9/11 age when apparently showing an image of Mohammed didnt cause such massive protest and controversy).

          1. That was part of the humor, Sudden. Tell me whether the bleeps were removed from the “Shit Happens” episode. I really question your judgment of humor from this.

          2. They left it that way for the commentary, and because it was funny, not to bow to the pressure. They said that specifically. I’ve seen the episode uncensored, though it was quite a while ago.

  3. I watched this last night and it was good to see South Park rip on the idoit “right”, they more frequently proke the idoit “left”. I enjoy both equally well.

    1. Yeah, I wish neither of them would doit.

      1. Interesting transposition.

  4. ’twas Comedy Central, not Southpark.

  5. Beck irritates me.

  6. Weird that this weeks SP was linked, being a relatively weak one for the season. Must be the Beck bit. But don’t forget it was all just preamble to a James Cameron bitch slap.

    Heh, which reminds me, Bottom Bitch was a better episode, know what I’m sayin?

    1. No, the best one was about Dolphin and Whale.

    2. I know what you are saying.

      1. F-Word was funnier than both, fags.

  7. Jon Stewart did a pretty good Glenn Beck parody the other day:…..-3-project

    1. Like almost everything else Jon Stewart does, that clip was painfully un-funny (and I’m no Beck fan/supporter). I somehow managed to sit through about three minutes of it before I had to close that widow. Personally I don’t know what’s worse: Stewart’s incoherent rambling, his pointless criticism, or the inane cackling of his ill-informed sycophants.

  8. I like Glenn Beck and this is hilarious. Especially the intro, and Ike screaming, “NO!”

  9. Give Butters credit for approaching a politician and asking the HardQuestions. Now if he’d just post it to YouTube to get Wendy OnTheRecord.

  10. I’ve thought for year that Stone and Parker were the most overrated acts in comedy. This clip reaffirms that belief.

  11. shecky: more overrated than what’s-his-name that writes Family Guy?

    I’m a huge fan of Southpark, but this episode wasn’t that funny. No, I’m not offended on behalf of Glenn Beck, I really just didn’t think it was that funny.

  12. I liked the episode (especially Cartman without a hat) but I was kind of disappointed at the same time. It seems to me, a person could watch the episode and come away with the lesson that questioning the government is not a good idea or that all criticism is unfounded.

    1. Oh, and the line “maybe you should look into what student council actually does” was particularly irksome. That’s pretty much the whole problem: government these days does way too much.

  13. Ya it made fun of Glenn Beck, but if you didn’t notice, Wendy = Bush, not Obama. “How many smurf berries is the life of each smurf worth?” The last 30 seconds of the episode really bring it all together, with Cartman crying when he’s being ragged on by the morning announcements.

  14. I will spend the next few days advocating the genocide of smurfs in honor of this hilarity. We need to take action and find the smurf village and bomb it. lil’ bastards are planning something.

  15. Has Beck had a comment or reaction to this yet??

  16. Beck’s has reacted. He called the waaaaaabulance. Thank you, Trey and Matt, for smurfing Glenn Beck in the smurf.

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