Wow, Dude, it's Really Not About You


While watching the BBC's live coverage of 20th anniversary events in Berlin, I found myself in that rare position of totally digging a Hillary Clinton speech, in which she gave good props to many of the most deserving actors in the toppling of communism…until she uncorked an excruciating segue: And now, she said, I have the pleasure to introduce a man who tore down different kinds of walls. Including walls of racial intolerance, etc.


President Obama, whose absence from the celebration is (in my biased opinion) a national embarrassment, then delivered a video message, in which he included among a string of who'da-thoughts the fact that a U.S. president was of African descent.

Funny; when the Iranian people were peacefully challenging their violent overlords, the president said, "This is not about the United States…this is about the people of Iran." Yet when we talk about the overthrow of communism it's time to talk about America's historic 2008 election? WTF?