Naked Coffee Guy Update


Some new developments in the story of Eric Williamson, the Virginia man arrested after a neighbor spotted him nude in his own home yesterday morning.

The woman who called the police says the time of the incident was 8:40 am, not 5:30 am as Williamson says. She also says Williamson was first standing in an open doorway, then moved in front of a window, still in her view. Given that she was apparently on his property (that part of the story hasn't yet been disputed), and he was in his home the entire time, I'm not sure his exact position in his own home matters, unless he was otherwise in plain view of someone using the public sidewalk. Even then, it seems more like tacky behavior than behavior that should be criminal. And you'd think the guy would get a warning before you arrest him for nudity in his own house.

Williamson told Fox News today (auto video play and browser resize warning) that after the report, 5-6 police officers came into his home unannounced, entered his bedroom, and arrested him.

The guy does seem strange. A roommate says he was acting oddly, walking around all morning wearing nothing but a construction hat. But again, strange behavior needn't be a crime punishable by a year in jail (if the roommate had reported unwanted nudity, that might be a different matter). Seems like a sensible policy would be that once you walk into someone's yard and look inside their home, you can't claim to be victimized by what you might see.

I'm sure more will come out in the coming days. In the meantime, enjoy the weird "random naked torso" graphic D.C.'s NBC affiliiate chose to run with the story.

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  1. Beware, beware, beware of the Naked Man.

  2. How the worm has turned.

    (Best I could come up with.)

    1. It’s been a year since I’ve read that thread Fist, and it’s even more interesting to read with the past year behind us. There are some big FUs that should go out on Oct. 29th, 2009.

      1. Absolutely. The signs had big, block lettering and were well-lit, multilingual and plastered everywhere as to what an Obama presidency was going to look like. Yet so many were voting for Obama just to give Bush the middle finger, ignoring the majorities Obama was going to have in Congress and their destructive economic tendencies.

        (It took me a second to realize you were talking about the candidate poll linked in my nick, Ska. The new layout splits long articles into pages, so not many are going to wade through to see all the forward-thinking from Reason contributors.)

        1. What thread? please link.

  3. A year in jail?

    I’m sure the guy’s thinking “I shaved my balls for this?”

    1. Or at least “I got fired for this?”

  4. I looked at the video – hey, that’s Jesus! How dare they arrest Jesus? Well if it’s not Jesus, maybe it’s the Meathead in his younger days. 😉

  5. If every American is forced to buy health insurance, does that mean that Christian Scientists will be forced to buy insurance or pay a fine?

    If so, then isn’t that a direct violation of the free exercise of religion?

    If not, is the law favoring a specific religion?

    1. The answer to both your questions is no. And mandatory health insurance or payment of a fine is not a tax either.

      1. What Obamareica are you in?

        1. Oh Baybee, want to play with my shiny new Peace Medal?

          1. Sorry, no, just looking for a piece 😉

      2. Funny that the person asked three questions. You do Obama proud.

      3. In the Baucus Bill, isn’t it called an exise tax? And if you don’t pay it you don’t get a bill from HHS, you get a bill from the IRS. Have you ever dealt with these guys? They can empty your bank accounts and garnish your wages and leave you with maybe 75 bucks to live on as they assum you can feed yourself on that.

  6. Wtf Radley, why can’t we get a video from a Real News Organization? for once?

  7. Radley, this sounds like you are wishing and reaching. Sorry.

    1. wishing and reaching for what? That it not be a year jail sentence because a guy was naked in a window not in public view?

      Come on, John T, you’re not very bright, but you gotta try harder.

      1. Um, TAO, I am not JT, but anyway, this story sounds like a guy intentionally wishing to improperly expose himself even with Radley’s details.

        I never signed up for agreeing with the legislated punishment, was just referring to what it sounds like what happened.

        1. Um, TAO, I am not JT

          Whatever you say, hoss.

          this story sounds like a guy intentionally wishing to improperly expose himself

          Really? Why? What evidence convinced you?

          1. Now that you have morphed into a pest, Radley’s details.

            Can’t you read?

            1. Yes, he can read and I can, too. It seems that this woman got onto HIS property and spied through the window.. Sorry, that’s perhaps a nudity crime in the prudish US of A. In reasonable countries they give a damn. She doesn’t have to spy into houses (except she is from the gubbermint).
              And if so, you can turn away or close your eyes, but it seems that she took a longer peek…

              1. Where’s the part about “spying”? I must have missed that.

                1. You missed the part about being on his property and looking in his window? Really?

            2. Well, that’s her story, which she could have “adjusted” to be more favorable. Why is her word more credible?

              1. > Why is her word more credible?

                Because she’s a policeman’s wife, isn’t she?

                1. Obviously, she and her husband are tailoring the facts to make them legally actionable. Bottom line is she is a trespasser and a peeper, and has no credibilty. Using her child to perpetrate a hoax like that makes her no better than the parents of “Balloon Boy.” Child protection services should be investigating her and her police officer husband.

          2. JT, Suki, Guy Montag, whatever.

      2. I really used to hate John T and his stupid-ass Suki bullshit. But it turns out that he has porn on his blog, so now I hate him somewhat less.

        1. So, you don’t hate him or you don’t hate me or you stopped hating?

    2. Wishing and reaching in the same sentence when we’re talking about naked men? Please…

  8. to make a light comment-

    Before looking at the video interview of Mr Williamson but _after_ viewing the “random naked torso” graphic D.C.’s NBC affiliate” I was going to make a snarky comment that “whatcha wanna bet the VA guy looks like a fat slob”

    But…but Williamson actually doesn’t look bad at all.

    Now don’t get me wrong, hate hate his hair (CUT THAT DAMN hair SON!) but kinda disappointed Fox didn’t have him “reenact” the morning of the arrest (with appropriate black boxes of course).

    maybe if E!’s “The Soup” does this story…

  9. So what they are saying is that when I “helicopter” the hot college girls on the way to class as I retrieve the WSJ from my front lawn, naked of course, I might be arrested?

    1. I think that is what they are saying.

      1. Where’s the fun in that?

        Plus all the business students know it pays to advertise.

        1. Not sure what you are into, but the fun may be in the county lockup for the night 😉

  10. I’m sure more will come out in the coming days.

    Nudity at home now means you’re a gay activist?

    1. I thought that was nudity in one of those big queer parades.

  11. Semi-O.T. (it is a Balko post, after all):


    Make of this what you will.

    1. Seems sleazy, but don’t have the facts.

      Everyone’s entitled to the best justice money can buy.

      Even cops deserve to be defended.

      There. Proved my libertarian creds.

    2. That Chi-town news is addictive.I just wasted a half hour scrolling through the mugshots and reading the linked newspaper accounts of their cases.
      I wish we had that detailed crime coverage in ATL.
      Excellent link Michael

      1. Heh, yeah I shouldn’t have stared reading it, but gotta love this:

        A Schaumburg woman is suing Blockbuster for sexual harassment after an alleged series of events, including being asked by her boss to show him her breasts, which she did on two occasions, and then being passed up for a promotion and later fired.

        [emphasis added]

        So she went along with it and only sued when flashing him failed to get the desired promotion?? I’m skeptical that the flashing wasn’t her idea all along and she just got pissed off that it didn’t work.

        Besides, there’s this:

        According to the complaint, while plaintiff Angela Prince-Stengl worked at the Blockbuster in Hoffman Estates, she was subjected to the following harassment by her supervisor, Darrik Perrier:
        – Perrier made numerous inappropriate comments such as “anytime you want three inches for three minutes…”

        I’m sorry but no guy, however modestly endowed, would ever say that. Gotta be bogus.

      2. Those mugshots definitely re-enforced stereotypes that I hold.

  12. Erin Andrews got arrested for posing nude in front of her hotel keyhole. Good thing a man was there to catch her doing it. That wasn’t even her home.

    They should arrest the neighbor for being a voyeur. Nakedness will not be tolerated.

  13. So by this precedent, could you start watching your neighbors with a telescope and call the cops on any walking around naked in their home? You would only call the cops on the ugly ones who you don’t like, of course.

    1. Not sure about that, but sounds like being a total parading naked weirdo with the shades open in your picture window while the kids are at the bus stop in front is straight out too.

  14. A roommate says he was acting oddly, walking around all morning wearing nothing but a construction hat.

    A “construction hat”? Mine wears a Nazi helmet.

    1. It is the Village People connection.

  15. When nudity in your home is outlawed, only outlaws will be nude in their homes.

    1. When home nudity is outlawed, only lawn lewdity will be mowed out.

    2. I’m okay with that.

    3. I always wear my penis gourd when at home, so I’m not naked.

  16. Where’s Gladys Kravitz when we really need her?

  17. I wonder if anyone can defend/justify this prosecution without using the words “child” or “children” … I doubt it.

  18. Look, the guy clearly doesn’t have a third leg to stand on…

  19. A roommate says he was acting oddly, walking around all morning wearing nothing but a construction hat.

    Perfectly normal behavior at my house. Except I’d have my cowboy boots on and my pistol around my waist. So I guess this guy is kind of weird.

  20. We need an update on this non-story?

    OMG. Forget the nukes in Iran. A man got arrested for naked coffee.

    Please. Get a friggin’ priority for once.

    1. Actually, it’s way more of a priority..if for no other reason than we can actually do something about it without starting WWIII.

  21. The really weird part was that it was a miniature construction helmet and he was wearing it on his dick head.

    1. But then he wouldn’t be nude, would he?

  22. I can’t decide if I’m more tee’d off about the unbelievable injustice naked coffee guy’s been put through or more excited by the idea of a hot MILF and her 20 year old daughter peeping on me (naked beer dude) then sending in unannounced 5-6 equally hot female cops to…naw, this is bull, I hope he takes it to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes. And “5-6” cops? WTF? Were they afraid he was going to try weenie whipping them or something? I don’t know what kind of police dept they have there but I would expect a far more rational response would have been a lone officer, or two if one was too embarrassed to go it alone, knock on the door, when he answers inform him that some old bag had been hauling her son around onto citizen’s private properties peeping in windows so he may want to pull his curtains.

    1. And “5-6” cops? WTF? Were they afraid he was going to try weenie whipping them or something?

      That’s pretty much SOP for the cops nowadays. Despite the tough image they like to project, they won’t tackle even the weakest victims without a large crowd of their buddies handy.

      1. Look, you never know when a perp is going to have a litter of deadly puppies laying around which could swarm a lone officer or two. When your ankles are being gnawed you don’t have time to call for backup.

  23. Maybe Naked guy isn’t a pervert. Maybe wagging his junk is his way of deterring trespassers.

  24. I hope this man is seeking damages from the police department. His daughter will be set for life.

  25. I regularly pose naked in front of my window, and no one ever calls the cops on me. I wonder what he did wrong?

  26. There was a fellow in Charlotte NC years ago who was hired to do housework. The bonus was that he would do the cleaning etc in the nude. He was called ‘The Naked Guy.” And he was hired on a regular basis.

  27. A pith helmet would have been normal but a construction hat without a toolbelt is strange. (Then again for him, a trouser belt might be considered a toolbelt.)

  28. Did he have a concealed carry permit?

  29. This reminds me of an old Hee Haw bit: Minnie Pearl calls down to the hotel desk and complains about a naked man in another room. When Roy Clark comes up to check, he says, “I don’t see a naked man over there.”

    To which Minnie replies, “Well, if you climb up on the dresser, you can see him.”

  30. A roommate says he was acting oddly, walking around all morning wearing nothing but a construction hat.

    He was practicing his Village People tribute. This is obvious homophobia.

  31. Why isn’t this guy filing a complaint against the woman for voyeurism? Watching naked people in their homes is more illegal than being naked in ones home.

  32. I think the guy should have smacked her in the head with his dick. What the hell, seriously? If it’s a one-off situation, then shrug it off and get on with your life. People are f’n weird, that’s life. The guy was in his own house and should be able to fling poo on the walls if it suits him well.


  33. 1. Why was she looking into the house? was she a peeping tom/trespassing?
    2. Heard she was a wife of a cop per Fox news.
    3. Would she of done the same thing if the person had been a naked woman?

  34. Busted for one woman’s nagging,
    Coffee Guy set tongues a-wagging;
    He legally brewed
    At home in the nude
    Rather than public teabagging.

    News Short n’ Sweet by JFD8

  35. The reason the police aren’t pressing charges against the skank peeper is SHE IS MARRIED TO ONE OF THE COPS.

    Talk about corruption…

  36. Two points:

    1. The woman who reported him is a police officer’s wife. Friends and relatives of police officers get one kind of justice in a police state; the rest of us get another.

    2. He should have kept his mouth shut to the police and media, and then denied being naked. It would be his work against the woman’s — he could also bring in a doctor to say he could have been sleepwalking but doesn’t remember it. If the woman’s son were asked to testify (pun intended) and corroborate her claims, the woman would be guilty of letting her son see nudity.

  37. Have they cited her for trespassing and invasion of privacy yet?

  38. it dosent make sense to arrest him its like you could be arrested for getting in the shower if someone saw you

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