Larry Summers, Most Ingenious Genius In History of Genius


Cease to doubt that Larry Summers, current director of the Obama Administration's National Economic Council, can split atoms through sheer brilliance of thought. Of Ryan Lizza's swoon for Summers in El Neoyorkino I say only this: Unintentional mixed metaphors in strategic locations are sure evidence that you're being fed merde de boeuf, and this article ends with the sentence, "Obama and his team have pulled the economy back from the abyss, but they will get credit only when it has been rebuilt." Also the piece helpfully corroborates a prominent anecdote about Summers' intriguing to prevent Austan Goolsbee's dissent from entering the discussion of the Chrysler bailout.

But Summers buffs will come away more convinced than ever that the NEC director's intellectual giganticism is of such scale that America faces a clear way forward: We must give Larry Summers one of our South Pacific holdings as his own country, Geniustan, where he can be President, General Secretary, Admiral of the Ocean Sea and First Lady. Summers' Castle-Bravo-class yields of thermonuclear excogitation are just too powerful to be handled safely within the nation's borders.

Whole article. Wear protective gear and goggles.