Media Barack Obama Wins 2009 Peace Prize and…


If the world was stunned to learn that President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, it will be even more amazed by all the awards that are still coming his way.

A Rapid Response video. Approximately two minutes.

Written and produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie.

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Original air date: 2.12PM ET on October 9, 2009.

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  1. Rapid Response Video. Like it.

    Did he also win the Boston Marathon? I could see him taking the trophy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

    1. Did he also win the Boston Marathon?

      Yeah. Just like Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon.

      This video would be brilliant even if it didn’t feature Nick Gillespie in a suit and tie. Is that microfiber?

      1. I actually loved seeing Nick out of his leather jacket- now to get him out of that microfiber… ;o)

        Great video guys!

    2. Rapid Response – Lame. Love comedy, hate Obama.

  2. WIN! See, you have to record this shit down while it’s fresh.

    It was uh, interesting to see Nick in a suit and tie, though.

    1. Wonder who tied it for him…or perhaps it’s a clip-on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think I’m gonna cry.

  4. See, I told you he would win an Oscar next. You assholes never listen.

  5. What, over Tim Tebow? Man, that’s not right.

  6. Awesome! Kudos for the quick work.

  7. What, over Tim Tebow? Man, that’s not right.

    Yo, fuck Tim Tebow. He isn’t half the man Archie Griffin is.

  8. Nick is wearing a non-leather jacket. HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?!?!?!

    1. I have to say that was more surprising that Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

      1. +1 internets

    2. He still has the dreamy sideburns ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I have reached the point where I truly hope this cripples his presidency.

  10. Great work, Nick!  It’s already on its viral way around the world.

  11. TAO,

    Archie don’t play football no more, dude. He’s like 100.

    I saw a lovely wiki entry that is now no more on the Nobel Peace Prize (I posted this in another thread, so apologies):

    The Nobel Peace Prize (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian: Nobels fredspris) was one of five Nobel Prizes bequeathed by the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel. But as of 2009, the Nobel committee officially indirectly announced they no longer cared about actual achievements, and awarded the prize to current US President Obama for; spending money the US didn’t have, reaching beyond the governments’ powers and interfering with management of publicly shared businesses, and filling the upper echelons of the US government with under-qualified, and entirely unqualified personnel.

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize is now the equivilant of a Special Olympics Medal, different only in that the Special Olympics athletes actually do something to earn it.

      All he has done is continue Bush’s policies and lie prostrate before the world.

      Well, I’m off to the vomitorium.

    2. TAO just meant that Tebow shouldn’t match Griffin, who is currently the only two-time Heisman winner. I like Tebow, but Urban Meyer is such a pussy. I’m looking forward to a long feud with Lane Kiffin and ensuing hilarity.

    3. Who says you can’t trust Wiki’s accuracy?

  12. Nick no jacket he
    I cry because i can’t see
    cool epitome

  13. If only Obama could win one of these awards.

    Just kidding. Sort of. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Guess the Secret Service will be after you now.

      1. Piece? Did someone get laid, too?

        1. People are getting laid in his books all the time. Move along ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I literally feel like I don’t live in America anymore. It’s so bizarre. This video doesn’t even scratch the surface of how mindbogglingly unreal the Obama worship is.

    1. I am so there with you.

      First it was the videos, the Obama HOPE and CHANGE posters… then the indoctrinated children and the CNN healthcare dance troupe. Now this.

      Really, I think it’s just a new found form of emperor worship. Some will be quick to poo-poo the comparison, but I believe it to be apt.

      I have a theory that there is a certain psychosis associated with post-modernism’s lack of absolute principles that can only be relieved through some form of worship in an absolute, definable person. With all the flimsiness, people take comfort in some concrete representation–if it can’t be beliefs, principles, or ethics, it will be in an amiable philosopher king who can dispense justice. In any case, I believe the religious syncretism of Rome to be very similar to the postmodern worldview today.

  15. Excellent piece. Great use of the “We’re Doomed” graphic at the end.

  16. Nick, just because you guys are non-profit doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly ties.

    1. Actually I think there is almost always an ugly suit clause in not for profit charters or bylaws.

  17. Pro Libertate

    Wheoever edited that wiki entry forgot to write, “…and for not being George W Bush.”

    Some story I read this AM quoted a Nobel committee official that they didn’t call BO right away because they didn’t want to wake him up. I was looking for where he said, “But we did call George Bush so that we could say nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah”.

    Actually, isn’t it now three prizes in a row awarded for not being George W Bush now?

  18. That’s Brian’s tie from his Gator days.

  19. Did he really say he hasn’t found a serious college football fan who’s disagreed with him on a playoff? I like to think I’m pretty laid-back even on politics but that pisses me off.

  20. With apologies to Churchill:

    Never in the field of human endeavor have so many awarded so much to so few for so little.

  21. He really won the Nobel Peace Prize, and for what? He hasn’t been in office for a year, and his administration hasn’t really accomplished anything. Hell, they haven’t even gotten their universal healthcare passed. >_>

  22. Do the folks over at the AVN Awards know he’s eligible?

    1. That was really not an image I wanted JW. Gosh, I thought the messiah just thought his kiddos … that he may actually have SEX (on film!) scares me.

  23. Oh, . . . I thought they said the Nobel Appease Prize.

  24. I really have no idea what’s more pathetic, the fact that they awarded him the prize, or the fact that the morons in our midst consider it a strike against him.

    We are truly a stupid, stupid planet.

    1. Isn’t accepting an award for which you are ludacrisyly undeserving a strike against you? You are right, it is not Obama’s fault they gave him the award. But, it is his fault he accepted it. Had he turned it down, no one on here would be making fun of him. In fact, it would be a regular Obama love fest.

      1. Well honestly he still has about 2 months to reject it.

      2. Your thinking is a spot on as your spelling.

  25. Isaac,

    Well, yes, the not-being-GWB part is likely the critical factor.

  26. watching this over and over and over again:

    1. my favorite line;
      “what’s wrong with chemists?”

  27. Obama must win the NHL All-Star game fan voting. We all need to do our part.

    Position? Left wing.


    1. I’m in. Eastern or Western Conference? Or both? I’m sure he could do it.

    2. “Position? Left wing.”

      Well done, sir.

    3. I’ve already started the Obama for NHL MVP Campaign on my facepage. The fans do get ballots every year (as long as they show up for the games).

      1. I already used my Stanley Cup joke in another thread. Wow, now I am recycling!

  28. yonemoto,

    Nice. But, you see, Feynman had a whole list of actual accomplishments to his name–not awards, medals, and prizes (though he got those, too)–but actual accomplishments. What a difference between someone with substantive achievements and someone who just joins increasingly exclusive clubs.

    1. That is so un-post modern Pro. Why confuse the issue with your bourgouis notion of facts and accomplishments. It is about the movement, the narrative of a black man becoming President and bringing peace to the world. Don’t confuse me with your petty ideas of accomplishment. You getting in the way of the metanarrative.

  29. Obama for the Heisman!!

    YES WE CAN!!

    1. Write him in for Heisman here!…

      Though, my write-in vote is going to Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina Gamecocks.

  30. Reason – America’s Finest News Source.

  31. I won next month’s NYC marathon!

  32. After eight months, a $1.4 million performance bonus for performance that is yet to be achieved?
    I wonder what the Bank Salary Czar would think about this if some was awarded such a bonus?

  33. Two non-words:

    Milli Vanilli

  34. I wonder what the Bank Salary Czar would think about this if some was awarded such a bonus?

    It would depend entirely on how much stroke the recipient had.

  35. So he won a Peace award for intensifying a war? Proof that Obama-worship knows no bounds and Europeans are idiots.

  36. TRANSFORMING the Nobel Peace Prize into a kindergartener’s Gold Star awarded for playing well with others?
    I guess.

  37. That video is racism, straight up.

  38. In the past week, both the Olympics and the Nobel Peace Prize have suffered a credibility blow.
    That’s a pretty good week, in my view.

  39. As I mentioned on another thread, after 20 years of embarrassment, a committee has finally given an award more ridiculous than giving the first Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Grammy to Jethro Tull.

    1. Them’s fightin’ words, punk.

    2. Seriously… WTF. Jethro… the flute is a heavy metal… Tull. Clearly, that award was invented for Metallica.

      Another epic Grammy WTF: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince defeat Public Enemy in 1991.

      1. I think history ended up agreeing with that one.

  40. From what I understand, when Obama gives his speech in Norway, they are going to have a big screen up behind him with the following video on it:

    1. Please, someone hold my forehead while I heave.

  41. All this makes me sick. We should be celebrating this as America’s victory! Let’s be patriotic for a change, people!

    1. Paul, the Olympics thread was a week or so back. I think you meant to post that comment there.

    2. Christ, another person insisting that criticizing this president is not patriotic. Amazing how dissent ceased being the highest form of patriotism the moment the calendar read 1-20-09.

      And how in the hell is a personal award to Barack Obama “America’s victory”? Never mind the fact he hasn’t accomplished a fucking thing whilst in office.

      1. That was also true when the calendar read 1-20-01.

  42. First Michael Shermer is doing the funny, now Nick is full of yuks. Without the Fonzie getup to boot.

    The world has gone mad. I don’t feel like I’m in America anymore.


  43. Oh, and in an earlier thread I said that Obama should return the prize if he had any respect for the Prize itself.

    Someone asked me if I’d return the prize if I had won. I said “No… because I don’t have any respect for the Prize”

  44. Who deserved it the most? Obama, or that Portuguese psychiatrist for pioneering the use of frontal lobotomies.

    1. Obama – for having undergone a frontal lobotomy. He didn’t? Oh.

  45. And I have heard that Mr Obama has won Iron Chef–wow what a guy! We are so-o-o lucky!

  46. The deadline for nominations was in February, so he gets the prize for all of two weeks work. Niiice.

    1. JPT,

      This place is already called Hit & Run ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Two weeks work? He was a community organizer for MONTHS before he became a politician!

  47. He’s entitled: Reparations.

  48. I like how Obama waited to bomb the moon until after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    1. That was in the works the whole time! Sneaky.

  49. I dont recognize Nick outside of his leather jacket.

  50. the tony award is what did it for me…

    1. Is he getting an American Music Award for his audio book?

  51. Does this mean that I get a Noble Peace Prize for not being George W. Bush as well?

    1. I’ve always wanted to have sex with someone named Astrid.

    2. Jan Levinson-Gould’s son, I presume?

  52. Piling on …
    Nick, the first suit in the wardrobe is always a dark blue, very subtle, pin strip.

    1. I disagree. Grey suit is #1. Charcoal 110-120s. Next Navy pin, then maybe light grey and/or black for funerals, weddings, winning awards, or just plain pimping at the club.

      Still your point is taken. He looks like a casino floor manager.

  53. Is there a video here? It would not open for me.

  54. OOPS, I guess that Youtube was down for a few minutes.
    Nick, You look marvelous.

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  56. I might be unpatriotic for mentioning this, but the newest Peace Prize recipient is engineering a brand new end run around having to release Gitmo prisoner abuse photos:

    WASHINGTON ? Congress is set to allow the Pentagon to keep new pictures of foreign detainees abused by their U.S. captors from the public, a move intended to end a legal fight over the photographs’ release that has reached the Supreme Court.

    Federal courts have so far rejected the government’s arguments against the release of 21 color photographs showing prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq being abused by Americans.

    The Obama administration believes giving the imminent grant of authority over the release of such pictures to the defense secretary would short-circuit a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The White House is asking the justices to put off consideration of the case until after a vote on the measure in the House and Senate, as early as this coming week. The provision is part of a larger homeland security spending bill and would allow the defense secretary to withhold photographs relating to detainees by certifying their release would endanger soldiers or other government workers.

    1. Obama will get the Pulitzer for that one.

  57. Did he win because of affirmative action?

  58. I’m thinking of going as a Nobel committee member for Halloween and giving out Nobel prizes to everyone.

    1. Win!!

    2. That’s a tough one… I saw a costume for a Blind Referee (NBA/NFL style pinstripe shirt, white cain, dark glasses) and was thinking of going to the baseball playoff game tonight dressed as that, guessing that more people are paying attention to that than they are to the Nobel Prize.

  59. Its clearly a “Black Thang” dude! No matter how you cut it, thats all that makes sense!


  60. “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”


    1. Trying to shove the Jews into the sea and throwing the Poles under the bus.

      1. He was nominated 12 days into his presidency. He hadn’t fucked those things up yet. By Valentines day the “Changed One” hadn’t even picked out his dog.

        Here is the better question: If the nominators knew just how many of the Bush programs he would continue would they still have nominated him?

        How many times has the Obama Administration practiced Extraordinary Rendition? If he has done it even once he can’t claim “change” in the least.

        1. You are talking about the nomination. I am talking about the final voting for the award and he was a destroy Israel advocate before even being nominated for President.

          1. Suki
            Are you Underzog’s female personality? Well, the second one…

      2. “Trying to shove the Jews into the sea ”

        Yeah, right Suki. I see Obama is trying to shove the Jews into the sea by giving them 3 billion dollars in aid for 2010, most of it military aid.


  61. Tholan: Here’s a better translation from Norwegian: “He’s not Bush!”

  62. Oops, Astrid said that earlier… my bad.

  63. “In a news that proves that President Obama can’t win EVERYTHING, whoever selects the Razzie award proclaimed Obama and his great great children are disaqualified from receving their presitgious annual award for one hundred billion years.”

    1. Damn, that’s the one award he does deserve…

  64. Your idea totally got co-opted by Saturday Night Live. Nicely done.

  65. Hey you! In the suit! What have you done with Nick?

  66. Oh yeah, love that final graphic. Is there a Led Zep song about doom?


  67. Is there a Led Zep song about doom?

    Yeah, according to Lonewhacker.

  68. Actually, Warren, the title of this one sums up what’s happening to us.

  69. It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have shared. Just continue writing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thanks again.

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