Reason.tv: Free* Government Money With Matthew Lesko!


Nobody knows more about getting free money from the government than ubiquitous TV pitchman Matthew Lesko.

And now he's cashing in on the biggest pile of government loot since the Treasury first started printing greenbacks.

"Who cares about hyperinflation, crippling debt, or a massive tax burden on your grandkids? It's all free!"*

*Some shipping & handling fees apply.

"Free Government Money" was written and produced by Reason.tv's Meredith Bragg and his brother Austin Bragg. Visit their site The Big Honkin'.

This video was entered into Right.org's anti-bailout video contest, where filmmakers are competing for a top prize of $25,799 (one person's bailout burden). For more anti-bailout video commercials, go here.