Reason Writers Around Town: Nick Gillespie in the NY Post on Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars on Drugs


I read the news January 16, 1980….Good thing I'd already died back in 1966…

Reason's Nick Gillespie reviews RU Sirius/Ken Goffman's new book, Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars on Drugs, in The New York Post. A snippet:

In a "Just Say No" age where athletes, actors, politicians and other well-paid low-lifes are expected to be tee-totaling role models, musicians may be the last holdout. As R.U. Sirius (the nom de plume of Ken Goffman) writes: "Trying to show a link between rock stars and drugs is like trying to make a link between mouths and tooth decay—too obvious to bother." In this book, he documents the long-lived collaboration between peformers and all manner of mind-altering substances….

"It's not my intention," he writes, "to encourage or discourage consenting adults to use mind-altering drugs…Have fun with this book, but not too much fun, unless you want to end up like that doper Paul McCartney—a healthy, vital, talented billionaire who was knighted by the Queen of England."

Whole review here.