Lady Obama Visits Charter School in DC; Lord Obama Still Screws DC Voucher Program


From the Washington Examiner, an account of a visit to a DC charter school by Michelle Obama.

Obama has been less clear on vouchers. In a questionnaire from teachers unions last year, Obama said he did not support vouchers. Later, in interviews, he indicated a willingness to consider supporting voucher programs that work.

"The president doesn't believe that vouchers are a long-term answer to our educational problems and the challenges that face our public school system," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

The president's concerns reflect those of key Democratic constituencies, including teachers unions and others who argue that vouchers further weaken troubled public education systems.

Whole story here.

Thought the Examiner soft-pedals it, President Barack Obama has been totally two-faced on the issue of the DC school voucher program, claiming that if it—and other programs like it—"worked," he'd support them because that is "what's best for kids." Naturally, when faced with clear evidence that the DC program works (in the form of a freakin' Dept. of Education study which found significant gains for participants) and costs less per student than the conventional DC public schools, Obama worked with congressional Dems to kill the program.

There's a rally in DC tomorrow to restart the program. Go here for details. And click below to watch the new Reason.tv video about Obama's putting the kibosh on the DC voucher program.