"It's like Ayn Rand got loaded and woke up next to Keynes"


That's what former West Wing actor Bradley Whitford said regarding supposed bank deregulation over the past several years. Appearing with his former co-star Martin Sheen, Whitford continued:

"I mean, it's ironical (sic) to me that we're living in a time where we have deregulated—compromised worker's rights to the point of deregulating whether banking oversight—to the point where we actually now can't do anything until we talk to our loan officer in Beijing. We have a communist banker. That's where deregulation got us….It's like Ayn Rand got loaded and woke up next to Keynes."

The two were in Washington recently to lobby for the Employee Free Choice Act, otherwise known as "Card Check," a pro-union bill whose future seems to be in limbo at least for the time being.

Video of the press conference below, from CNS News and on card check here.