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Coverage of Mexico's drug war will continue for the foreseeable future. It's a serious matter not to be taken lightly. Still, take a moment to enjoy Red State Update's solution to the problem (the best line starts at 1:55):  

Via Melting Pot Project

Recently, contributor Terry Michael discussed why legalization was no laughing matter. Managing Editor Jesse Walker on the fear of Mexico's violence spilling into the U.S. Contributor Steve Chapman covered the recent Latin American report that said the war on drugs is a failure. And of course, Reason has plenty of coverage of drugs and Mexico.

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  1. First!!!

    We need to give the Mexicans jobs. Thaty will fix everything.

  2. You know what we need? A president with a 19th century-style beard.

  3. We need a president with Burnsides, Pro Lib.

    Fred on Drugs

    I read with horror that Hillary Clinton, posing as the Secretary of State, has been in Mexico talking with Felipe Calderon, Mexico's president, about "the problem of drugs." Horror is the reasonable response whenever an American official is allowed to pass beyond the beltway. Or stay within it. They never know what they are doing. Oh god.

    In fairness, I have to concede that Ms. Clinton is well qualified to talk to Calderon, since he speaks?English. Further, I concede that she does have a grasp of things Latin American, engendered by many years in?Arkansas. Aaagh.

    May I suggest that the former First Basilisk had no idea where she was or what she was doing? Oh god, oh god. Oh god.

  4. I'd vote for a guy with a crazy Denver Pyle-style beard.

  5. i love that it was 4:20 long. Very tounge in cheeck to say the least. very rednecky, did i just coin a phrase, lol. but under all that sarcasam and redneckiness is a golden nugget of truth.

  6. Hell we just need an early 18th century president. Hell at this point given the last decade or so you could say we just need a president and not a dictator.

    Did anyone see the article where Clinton said the drug problem existed because of US citizens and it was our fault. The problem could never be institutional prohibition of a product the people want. Lawyers should be banned from ever holding public office. They seem to be narrowly educated and blatantly retarded about anything that isn't law.

  7. hmm, they also (typically) think that new laws are a solution to problems.

  8. Hey, that's 19th century, man.

    And these lawyer-politicians seem a little retarded about the law, too.

  9. I remember standing in a registration line at the university that snaked its endless way past a wall with pictures of all the previous university presidents. From the founding until 1903 or so the guys wore huge, glorious beards you could lose a badger in, then *bam*, the facial hair was gone and nothing but baby-faced, pencil-necked geeks up to the present.

    I have a personal rule to *always* vote for the candidate with a beard, regardless of how stupid or crazy he/she may be.

  10. Man the new redstateupdate site sucks

    i've been a fan for a few years (ever since Iraqi in a cage!)

    maybee i'm just bein a retard but I seriously can't be arsed with the new layout of the web site

    grumble' grumble

  11. Jackie 08!

  12. While I'm sure the Mexicangovernment cheers Reason's coverage of this issue, Americans should not.

    There really isn't much to reply to in this post, but if anyone wants to learn what's really going on with the issue subscribe to my feed. I've got thousands of posts about this issue and three ways to search. If someone's in the news lately regarding these issues, start typing their name in the tag search and most likely you'll find a lot of information that Reason would never tell you.

  13. I've got:

    thousands of posts
    three ways to search

    Zero people who care? Priceless...

    STFU, Lonewhacko

  14. Sam's Club and weed. Pure genius.

  15. It's not as if the problem has not come up in history before.
    Alcohol prohibition in the US handed enormous economic resources to the likes of Al Capone and Joseph P. Kennedy.
    Repeal the drug laws and allow stupid people to self-destruct if they want to and the cartels in Mexico will evaporate in about a week.

  16. More legalization theatre...

    Like many other social liberalization issues, legalization of MJ would not effect the vast majority of those that read this website.

    To the well educated and well adjusted, abortion, no-fault divorce, legalization of MJ, homosexual marriage, etc, will have no effect on their overall quality of life as it would not matter to them one bit.

    However for those that are not well educated or well adjusted, these social liberalization issues do have a huge impact.

    Abortion is used as contraceptive and offers the guys "a way out"...

    No-fault divorce leads to more divorce and more kids without two parent families..

    Homosexual marriage probably will lead to further degradation of marriage and finally to removal of marriage from State influence and all that may entail....

    Legalization of MJ will most likely lead to mass adoption of MJ as the drug of choice for underage kids...

    I guess this is one way to keep those unwed, fatherless kids in check; just keep them drugged up.

  17. So skimming, you have to keep the little people down I guess.

    If virtue is criminally enforced, is it really virrue?

  18. So skimming, you have to keep the little people down I guess.

    If virtue is criminally enforced, is it really virtue?

  19. Legalization of MJ will most likely lead to mass adoption of MJ as the drug of choice for underage kids...

    You mean like it was back in the 60s and 70s, when it was legal for underage kids to use MJ?

    Huh? It was illegal then too? Never mind.

  20. Mexico should build casino's along the border. Much like Nevada the organized crime will soon build or control them and will be vested in keeping the peace to keep the cash cow alive.

    The construction jobs and other jobs to run the casinos and the tax money they provided would be helpful to Mexico as well.

    Add to that if a Mexican state made drugs legal the drug trade across the border would be upended as American potheads, bachelor parties and other fools went south to enjoy legally and probably try to bring a bit home themselves. Thus no coyotes abusing Mexicans, just dumb Americans risking themselves.

    If the US Government gave them hell about the legalizing drugs the entire population of Mexico would rally around their own government against the Yankee. It's more or less win/win for Mexico and it solves a lot of US problems at the same time.

  21. Always raising the specter of false bargain between the good of the society vs. "freedom" for the folks...

    Interesting thing is that the "little people" didn't want any of these dreamt up "freedoms". The people who did dream up these "freedom" were those liberals and libertarians who are stuck in the old what's good for the gander with the PhD must be good for the goose with the GED.

    Wake up and take some responsibility. Those who will be most affected by this type liberalization will be those that are most vulnerable to the easy way out.

    Are you really willing to gamble against our future for your idiology?

  22. Why shouldn't the violence cross into the US, it originates there.

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