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The Queen of England, Isaac Newton, Milton Friedman, and Me


We now all have this in common: being attacked by humorless followers of Lyndon Larouche. In this case, a two-page attack from a "LaRouche Youth Movement" man in Executive Intelligence Report.

It starts off being about the Congress for Cultural Freedom, then shifts to the Ayn Rand Institute, then to Paul Kurtz and his Center for Inquiry, by a long, confused, and confusing chain of association and utterly unsuspicious "links" ends up with a much longer-than-warranted attack on an absurdist theatrical troupe I belong to, the Art of Bleeding.

In the process, the LaRoucheites take an utterly fantasized comedic background for the organization at face value:

What the hell is this, you ask? This thing—described as "An experiment in emergency education" to "teach first aid and safety to the unconscious mind"—was founded by "the radical psychologist and artist Abram S. Lugner," whose "unique approach to human psychology bridged various disciplines and pursuits including western mysticism, avantgarde art, and social critique," reads the Lugner literature…. Dr. Lugner passed away in 1989, leaving the fulfillment of his dream of melding art and emergency education to his wife, Emma, and a small inner circle of colleagues who rarely leave their isolated ranch in the desert near Joshua Tree, California, leaving it to groups like Kurtz's CFI to promote their theater, and finance a new generation of Lugner's followers.

Yes, this clip is from a late 2006 issue of EIR; I confess I'm not up-to-the-minute on LaRouche and his crew's latest, and it just came to my attention today. And no, Dr. Lugner doesn't really exist. But don't tell Lyndon. Interestingly, I have my own completely spurious "links" to the LaRouche movement, having roomed in college for a semester with the son of one of LaRouche's former top lieutenants. And I've attended a Bohemian Grove meeting, though not at the Grove itself. My connections with the Bilderburgers, I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss. Make of it all what you will!