When Hairless Genitalia Is Banned, Only Criminals Will Have Hairless Genitalia


The state of New Jersey wants to ban Brazilians. Not the people, but the style of bikini wax.

Spa owner Linda Orsuto, who owns 800 West Salon & Spa in Cherry Hill, estimates that most of 1,800 bikini waxes performed at her business last year were Brazilian-style.

"It's huge," she said, adding that her customers don't think their bikini lines are anyone's business but their own. "It's just not right."

She said many customers would likely travel across state lines to get it and some might even try to wax themselves.

Worse, when back-alley cosmetologists do get busted, the wax will probably test positive for marijuana.

Via the superbly-named blog, Popehat.