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"You Want To Be Treated Like a Customer Rather Than a Criminal": High Times' Cannabis Cup Video


Here's some March Madness even basketball haters can get behind.

High Times' annual Cannabis Cup issue in on newsstands now and the video above follows the mag's top "ganja guide," Jorge Cervantes on a fun and interesting tour of Amsterdam's coffee shops. When is Rachel Ray going to smoke in Amsterdam on $40 a day? Or Anthony Bourdain do a No Reservations episode from the Greenhouse?


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  1. Why no love for Vansterdam – er, Vancouver? Cannabis Culture sponsors their version of the Cannabis Cup and it’ll probably set you back a lot less than trekking to Amsterdam.

  2. ray or bourdain maybe not, but Steves oh yeah he would. my NORML backpack is a rick Steves signiture travel pack

  3. Vancouver needs to do a Smokin for Gold outdoor party during the Winter Olympics next year. Broadcast worldwide.

  4. Bourdain did already drink a cannabis-based beverage in Rajasthan, then passed out in the desert.

  5. Legal weed leads to legal child prostitution.

    That’d be totally progressive, man.

  6. Dave Attel’s Insomniac went to Amsterdam. He even smoked up, but Comedy Central blurred it out.

  7. I was there in August. Happy to report ‘shrooms were still available. I would say the g13 x white widow was my favorite ganja I had there. Barney’s was the best coffeeshop I went to – food, liquor and weed all in one spot (a real rarity I found). Bonus – they had all the past cannabis cup winners from the last 10 years available for purchase. Also played a lot of Gangstarr and ’90s era hip-hop which was a huge step up from the crappy tunes they played in most places.

  8. man that’s really fucking annoying seeing the constant wooshing of bikes going past the window. makes me really glad i live in the us

  9. SF, that’s stupid they would blur out something that was legal where it was recorded. I understand it, but it’s still stupid, especially for Comedy Central that wouldn’t get fined since they’re a cable channel.

  10. Nick,

    He mocked them thoroughly. I miss that show. He even taped some in Lexington, but that episode never aired.

  11. “Dave Attel’s Insomniac went to Amsterdam”

    Dave Attel is a thrombosed hemeroid. Without the charm.

  12. ” I would say the g13 x white widow was my favorite ganja I had there”

    It’s available here in the States too.

  13. Yeah, maybe, but I go to my regular guy and he’ll have 3 or 4 choices. Usually sour diesel, hindu kush and 2 other options. I’m in NY, and I’m sure my options are limited compared to Cali and other spots.

  14. Anyone here read HT? Do they still publish the “market wrap up” or whatever it’s called? Drug prices from around the US? I loved that feature even before I was a libertarian.

  15. You know, ’cause Googling is hard and shit… (NSFW? pot pix)

  16. Anyone here read HT?

    I only buy it for the pictures. I swear.

  17. Anthony Bourdain did an episode where he went to India and drank a strong form of bhang (cannabis in milk) and ate opium cookies.

  18. yeah HT still has the product prices page. i read it online, just for the pics of course. hightimes.com

  19. Oh man, my Amsterdam story’s. The place was called. “the other place.” It was where some Amsterdam bikers hung out. I had this stupid army haircut. My wife was pregnant. I thought we were going to get out asses kicked. but the they, the hells angels, stood up and let us pass, and I had a ground hog day. A day that I wish I would relive over and over.

  20. True fact – the recent increase in activity from the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island has caused widespread crop damage due to the increased S02 emission. Including, the news said this morning, the medical marijuana crop.

    Just a datum for those interested in comodities prices.

  21. Just a datum for those interested in comodities prices.

    Now this is useful information that you’re not going to find on CNN!

    .. Hobbit

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