Cornhuskers vs. Sage Smokers


Last week Nebraska's legislature voted unanimously to ban Salvia divinorum (a.k.a. "diviner's sage"), the psychedelic herb that's all the rage among YouTube exhibitionists and drug warriors so hysterical that they make the DEA look calm and rational. Henceforth possession of the plant or extracts of it will be punishable by up to five years in prison, and selling it will get you up to 20 years. By The Drug War Chronicle's count, a total of 10 states have banned salvia since 2004, when Delaware got the ball rolling. Three more states—Ohio (where a ban takes effect in April), Kentucky (where a ban was unanimously approved by the state House on Tuesday), and South Dakota (where a ban declaring a salvia "emergency" passed the House two weeks ago and got the nod from a Senate committee this week)—are on the verge of joining the list. In Louisiana and Tennessee, salvia is legal only when it's not intended for human consumption. In Maine and California, salvia is legal only for adults.

Previous Reason coverage of the salvia panic here.

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  1. Who smokes sage?

  2. Salvia is not a drug of abuse, it is a drug of experiments. not a pleasent one, personally. One which i have tried and thrown aside as a dirty painful sub launch dmt trip. But if someone likes it, more power to them. drugs should not be banned. the human condition is one that seeks to always expand its thoughts. thats why drugs always have and always will be a part of the human experince

  3. How long until congress passes the "Unified and Efficient Drug Policy Act" which will ban all plants.

  4. Who smokes sage?

    I'm more of a thyme man myself.

  5. Rosemary here.

  6. Sometimes I wonder whether our government isn't run by some alien species that uses earth for some sort of reality television show.

  7. "Sometimes I wonder whether our government isn't run by some alien species that uses earth for some sort of reality television show."

    Kids sure are sharp these days!

  8. I bet that not many people would smoke S. divinorum if pot were legal. As SpongePaul mentioned, it's not superhappy funtime.

  9. I found Salvia nothing if not boring the one time I tried it. It might as well have been rosemary, which at least clears your sinuses as a steam inhalation.

  10. I'm not for prohibition but Salvia is the most F-ed up thing I have ever done.

    It is not pleasant.

  11. If you didn't feel anything, you weren't using the right stuff. Try the 25x stuff or higher...

    ...then you can get mad because you wasted your money on such an uncomfortable experience.

    Salvia is more fun for the people who aren't high, which is why there are a million youtube vids of people taking it.

    All of the fun drugs are illegal, which explains why Salvia isn't.

  12. "Salvia is the most F-ed up thing I have ever done."

    "It is not pleasant."

    I wouldn't recommend Ayahuasca either. Unless you like to vomit all night.

  13. All of the fun drugs are illegal,
    Not All Reasearch chems such as 2ci 2ce mpdd 5meodmt etc are all legal, fun pyshedellics pricey and you need to call a lab to get them, but they are legal. They can not be sold for ingestion though, lol

  14. ResearchChemical.org
    is one place see them on e-bay

  15. In Maine and California, salvia is legal only for adults.

    California sanity? Well, fuck me.

  16. IIRC, Salvia binds to theta receptors, which are the opposite of beta receptors. IOW, they are anti-euphorics.

  17. Oops. According to Wikipedia, it's a kappa receptor.

  18. ?, ?? jeez, how many receptors are there?

    Our neurons are a bunch of sluts.

  19. Kolohe, don't get me started on long chain endorphins...

  20. Now that all the fun drugs are illegal state legislatures are stuck banning the shitty ones.

  21. When I was a kid, I tried smoking what we called "Indian cigars", long round seed pods from a tree. Probably worse than this "salvia" thing, even if it wasn't psychoactive. Awful

  22. Libertarians: I heard that somewhere, marijuana is smoked and as long as amounts are kept incredibly small, police don't consider it a #1 priority.

    Conclusion: We're winning!!!

  23. Not to brag, but am I the only one who hasn't had a bad Salvia trip? The only time I remotely remember being upset on it is when I got concerned that everyone was going to be angry at me because I had gone and permanently twisted reality.

    Usually, I will do it right before I go to sleep, so I trip my balls off, and then pass seemlessly into some crazy ass dreams, and awake refreshed.

    Although, onetime, a friend of mine did it, thought he was water, and tried escaping down the sink. I had to rescue a 6 foot adult from trying to rinse himself away.

  24. As said before: salvia is in the DMT vein and not pleasant. It is a self-policing drug. No fun. No abuse.

    It's probably more effective as a anti-drug drug...

  25. Salvia is not a drug, it is a Lady. Use the plant with respect: you will get a teaching, which can be very helpful in your life, and apparently beyond.
    I have searched for one year a reason to ban it. Not found any one. Found just the usual logical errors, and usual fear in front of something new.
    It is true that salvia is self-policing. Sometimes she asks you to finish your earthly work before coming back. It is quite a magic plant full of godlike gentleness. To ban it? You could ban the Virgin Mary as well. What a shame to ban a so helpful and kind and gentle magic. It is sad. It reflects most politicians does not care of health, or of facts.

  26. I have a plan. We need to form a national expedition to smoke various common trees - oak, ash, pine, maple, etc., at least one of these must have some mind altering properties. We need to start a tree smoking trend so in a few years when laws against the tree are past, tensions between drug warriors and tree-huggers will break out and they'll kill one another, and like Mao's Army in WW2, we will be waiting in the wings to take out the survivors.

  27. Salvia's an interesting drug that can teach you a bit about how your consciousness operates. It's not something you'll want to do for recreation. I've "broken through" twice on salvia and that's probably enough for one life, but it did give me some new insights into how my brain functions.

  28. Tried it one time. Not "fun" in the traditional feels great sense, but having reality ripped from your grasp for 10 minutes (or a thousand years) and is worth doing once or twice. Like living in a Dali painting.

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  30. Salvia divinorum can be chewed or smoked to produce experiences ranging from uncontrollable laughter to much more intense and profoundly altered states.

  31. Four hundred milligrams of Salvia divinorum leaf produces quite a lot of smoke, and it requires several large inhalations to consume it all. Because salvinorin A is rapidly metabolized in the body, it is essential that the full dose be ingested within a two to three minute period. It is also essential that the smoke is absorbed as efficiently as possible, otherwise much of it will be wasted. People vary in their ability to inhale and retain large amounts of smoke. Some people have no trouble obtaining strong effects from ordinary, non-enhanced leaves; others find it very difficult.

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