When Bernie Met Milton Or, In Case You Were Wondering If Bernie Sanders Is Still a Socialist


From Reason Contributing Editor Dave Weigel comes this In These Times link, in which Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont lays into Milton Friedman:

In today's political and social reality, the University of Chicago's establishment of a $200 million Milton Friedman Institute (in the building that has long housed the renowned Chicago Theological Seminary) will not be perceived as simply a sign of appreciation for a prominent former faculty member. Instead, by founding such an institution, the university signals that it is aligning itself with a reactionary political program supported by the wealthiest, greediest and most powerful people and institutions in this country. Friedman's ideology caused enormous damage to the American middle class and to working families here and around the world. It is not an ideology that a great institution like the University of Chicago should be seeking to advance.

Whole rant here.

Here's a rejoinder to Sanders by Friedman himself, appearing on the Donahue show back in the day. Suffice it to say here that Friedman championed capitalism precisely because it gave more people more opportunity.

Reason on Friedman here.