Reason Writers Around Town: Damon Root on Columbia University's West Harlem Land Grab


In the New York Post, Associate Editor Damon Root examines Columbia University's collusion with New York state officials to seize land for the university via eminent domain.

Read all about it here.

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  1. Lee Bollinger is a POS.

  2. This sounds like a slam dunk for Sprayregen. Which leads me to believe he’ll lose. Onward to the SCOTUS before one of the conservatives dies.

  3. Yeah, the school says the area is blighted, yet they own most of the area already and are doing nothing to improving it.

  4. So here’s yet another indicator of the death of freedom in this country: The destruction of private property rights. With the Kelo decision, one doesn’t own their property, they merely get to pay taxes on it until our overlords decide their buddies need to get even more stinking rich off our stuff.

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