Obama to "Create or Save" Jobs?


I'm watching the endless, Castrovian run-up to President Obama actually putting his John Hancock on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Jeebus H. Christ, how much Joe Biden can a fella take? Just shut up and sign it already!

In this speech, Obama continues the sleight of hand regarding the promised job creation in the bill. He's gone from talking up the 4 million jobs the bill would create to now talking about the 4 million jobs it will "create or save," thereby taking credit for giving tens of thousands of public-sector employees whose jobs were never really at risk in the first place continued salaries. The legislation, says Obama is "bold and balanced," full of broadband deployment in North Dakota and promised fiscal integrity somewhere down the road (and the road to recovery, he promises, "will not be straight").

We work again, America!

Reason.tv warned against Obama's new New Deal which, if it's anything the old New Deal, will extend or exacerbate economic woes: