Kentucky Set To Kick Up Its Booze Tax; Will Other States Follow?


Speaking of ethanol woes, I suspect this sort of thing will be playing out in statehouses across the country: Kentucky, land of fake colonels and real bourbon, is almost certainly jacking its booze tax to increase revenue. Oh the shame of a state known for its booze to be doing this.

The state's reps voted 2 to 1 to impose a 6 percent tax on store sales of beer, wine, and alcohol (the same bill doubles taxes on tobacco, another Kentucky staple). Passage is pretty much assured in the Senate as well.

Arguably worse than the money the tax takes from people's pockets is the bullshit rhetoric it inspires:

"This is not a time for politics," Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, said in making a strong endorsement of the bill during a speech from the floor. "This is a time where we have to create a level of trust between Republicans and Democrats in the legislature and with the governor, even if we haven't had good relationships … in the past."

Whenever a pol says "this is not a time for politics," it's time to run for the hills. Opponents of the increase argue that, among other things, it's wrong and less effective to single out specific products than levy wider taxes. More here.