USA Today: "Pot Activists Rip Kellogg's for Dropping Phelps" and Stand Tall Against Mueslix!


From a USA Today story (via the Cincinnati Enquirer) on the Michael Phelps-Bong kerfluffle: 

Marijuana Policy Project:

"Kellogg's had no problem signing up Phelps when he had a conviction for drunk driving, an illegal act that could actually have killed someone," said Rob Kampia, the group's executive director. "To drop him for choosing to relax with a substance that's safer than beer is an outrage, and it sends a dangerous message to young people."

Drug Policy Alliance:

"It's not just that Michael Phelps did what millions of other twenty-somethings do," said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. "It's that he did what over one hundred million Americans have done at least once in their lives, including the president, former presidents, members of the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court."

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

Norm Stamper, a former Seattle police chief active in the push for easing marijuana laws, released a letter to Kellogg in which he pleaded for "sane, sensible, and compassionate drug policies" and suggested the company had "underestimated the country's maturity on this issue."

He also said he had purchased his last box of what had been his favorite cereal—Kellogg's Mueslix.

Mueslix lovers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but a small amount of fiber and draconian drug laws!

Reason on Phelps and pot.

Last August, Reason.tv talked with Stamper about how he came to his anti-prohibitionist views and his great memoir Breaking Rank (approximately 10 mins.; for embed code, audio version, and more, go here):