Let Them Play in the Snow!


It's snowing in Washington, D.C. again today, which means (of course) that many local schools will be closed early, with parents having to rejuggle their day, even though the mysterious white powder as of press time is dissolving on contact with the ground. You may recall that recent Chicago transplant Barack Obama talked a little trash last week about D.C.'s wimpy reaction to a little seasonal weather, which is less interesting than the shellacking he took on the Washington Post letters page over the weekend. Look at some of the revealing sentiments expressed therein, starting with an eighth grader:

The president of the United States questioned my school's decision to close Wednesday because of the snow [Metro, Jan. 29]. Do you think I am ever going to have a snow day again?



Mr. President, your making fun of the Washington area's closing of schools because of ice on Jan. 28 reveals a presidential arrogance I had thought left on a helicopter on Jan. 20. […] Please take a walk down D.C. sidewalks some icy morning and see what it's like. More important, do not adopt your predecessor's tendency to be so confident in the "rightness" of your thoughts and opinions that you ignore the very valid experiences of others.

Locust Grove, Va.


I know President Obama is for change, but he needs to know when it goes too far. In mocking area schools for canceling classes (I go to Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington), Mr. Obama overlooked the joy and delight that snow days bring to children all over the area. Keep in mind, Mr. President, that some students will be old enough to vote in four years. Please don't make fun of our lack of hardiness; it is days like this that create wonderful memories.