"Today there is a categorical difference between what Republicans stand for and the principles of individual freedom."'"former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) on the failures of compassionate conservatism, writing in The Wall Street Journal, November 7

"Honestly, it's just to inspire people."'"Kate Gordon, co-director of the environmental and labor group Apollo Alliance, refusing to explain the basis for projecting the 5 million green jobs promised by Barack Obama, quoted in The Wall Street Journal, November 7

"I think in America that is the apology, when we're cleared.…At the end of the day, the investigation showed he was not involved. And that's, you know, a pat on the back for everybody involved, I think."'"Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson, refusing to apologize aftera mistaken drug raid on the home of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, Mayor Cheye Calvo in which Calvo's two black Labrador retrievers were shot and killed, quoted in the Maryland Gazette, October 23