A Localist's Guide to "Stimulus"


The Center for American Progress has assembled a map-guide to how various states are making out with federal stimulus spending, at least as planned as of Friday in the House's proposed Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Their caveats:

This map shows state-by-state allocations for the aspects of the plan for which we could establish where the money is going. This constitutes 66 percent of the total cost of the package. The map also shows the proportion of the funds that will help each state balance their budgets rather than providing additional funding for specific programs.

Some big-state highlights: California  gets $63 billion, with 12 percent set aside for budget balancing; Florida gets $29 billion, with 12 percent set aside; Virginia gets $11 billion with 14 percent set aside; New York gets $41 billion, with a 9 percent set aside. Check your own state, give a big boo-yaa if you are getting more than your neighbors.