Cult of the Presidency Watch


Indefatigable antagonist Lonewacko points us to the sight of Chicago schoolchildren constructing a 150-foot Barack Obama:

Gene Healy on "The Cult of the Presidency" here. Wash that down with Reason.tv's "Obama Kids: Sing for Change (Pyongyang Remix)."

Finally, the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team has announced that they are changing their name for one night only to–can you guess it?–the Baracklyn Cyclones! Fans attending this admittedly clever promotion will receive Obama bobbleheads, team jerseys in patriotic colors, "Universal Health Care" (i.e., "free Band-Aids to the first 1,000 fans"), and other goodies. [Link via Baseball Primer, where one commenter asks: "Will Keith Olbermann be broadcasting the game?"]