The Log Cabin Republicans get Feisty in California


The Orange County Register reports that California Log Cabin Republicans are fighting the passage of Proposition 8:

The Log Cabin Republicans, the nation's largest gay GOP group, opposed Prop. 8 and is supporting lawsuits to have it overturned, according to Frank Ricchiazzi.

The Laguna Beach resident, who helped found the the Log Cabin club in the late 1970s, has a interesting take on Prop. 8 and the lawsuit—particularly since he thought it was a little early for gay marriage when the state Supreme Court gave it the green light in May.

"It was like a steak on the grill - it was still a little bit raw and needed more time," he said of gay marriage. But a younger generation disagreed with him. "Others were ready to put it on the plate."…

"The dams have been opened, the water has passed through," said Ricchiazzi. "And now they want to bring it back? … How can you tell 1,000s of people who have gotten married that you're going to take it back?"

I believe it was a Hit & Run commenter who said that Log Cabin Republicans are the wallflowers at every party; maybe this sort of activism will get them invited onto the dance floor.

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