War on Drugs

Gonzalo Guizan


It's been close to five months, now, and it looks like it'll be at least another month until we get a report on the Easton, Connecticut police raid that killed 33-year-old Gonzalo Guizan.  Police were acting on a tip from a prostitute who claims she saw a gun and a small amount of cocaine at the house.  They stormed the place hours later, with little investigation.  Guizan didn't live at the home.  His family says that he was visiting the home's owner, Ronald Terebesi, Jr.  The two were planning to open an employment business together.  Police shot Guizan at least a dozen times as he ran toward them, likely out of fear.  Guizan was unarmed.

Police found no guns, and only enough drugs and paraphernalia to charge Terebesi with a misdemeanor.  That charge was dropped when Terebesi agreed to undergo treatment.