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For 40 years, without ever missing a deadline, reason has printed a monthly magazine, which you can subscribe to for the low low price of $19.97 a year. But if you've read this far you surely know that we publish thousands upon thousands of words online each day, on the award-winning Hit & Run blog and main site, reacting to and delving underneath the news of the week, day, hour, and minute.

As you reach down into your pockets and contemplate just what kind of generous, tax-deductible contribution you're willing to give in support of journalism that advances Free Minds and (what's left of) Free Markets, here's a quick rundown of online pieces we've run this week alone pertaining to the financial crunch and proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street:

"Hank Paulson's Countdown to Armageddon: How the Chicken Little treasurer is nationalizing the U.S. economy," by Tim Cavanaugh.

"The Great Bailout Brouhaha: Free market economists weigh in on Paulson's plan," featuring Bryan Caplan, Robert E. Wright, Jeffrey A. Miron, Chris Dillow, Frederic Sautet, Mark Thornton, Yves Smith, Robert Higgs, Mike Munger, and Alex Tabarrok.

"Five Questions About the Short-Selling Ban: The government's only answer: Shut up, we're in charge!", by Brian Doherty.

"No More Bailouts! Congress should unleash the private sector to address the current financial meltdown," by Anthony Randazzo.

"Bailout Bums: Libertarian-minded Republicans are caught with their pants down as Wall Street panics the Capital City," by David Weigel.

"The Case Against the Bailout: Why the government shouldn't save businesses from their bad choices," by Steve Chapman.

"Corporatism, Not Capitalism: The free market has nothing to do with the current crisis," by Radley Balko

Meanwhile, we've been preparing the December issue of the magazine, which you can bet will be filled with explanatory journalism about what we face in the economy, the capital markets, and Washington, and how the three entities do not necessarily mean the same thing.

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