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Radical columnist Alexander Cockburn expresses annoyance at Ralph Nader ("Nader seems to be dropping his bid to the level of knock-about") and embraces another presidential contender:

Face it, if you want to stay true to reason and conscience, the man to vote for is Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.

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  1. When a commie like Alexander Cockburn can endorse Barr, despite Barr’s weaknesses on social issues, but some LPers go off to form their own Boston Tea Party, something’s just wacky. I swear, the Boston Tea Party’s is like the LP’s version of the PUMAs.

  2. Someone tell me that the comrade is playing a game. Please! Because, I find it difficult to believe that the comrade hasn’t figured out just how fake BB is.

  3. OT:

    McCain Blogette doesn’t have any pics up of the Daddy Yankee endorsement at Cindy’s HS Alma Mater. Meghan is slacking off on the campaign.

  4. Fake or not, Barr is on the Colbert Report tomorrow night. Wednesday and Friday mornings on CNN. On Thursday, Glenn Beck will be taping a full hour with Barr.

  5. Cockburn is far better than most Lefties. He actually does some cogent analysis. So it fits that he supports Bob Barr.

  6. I can’t tell if Barr is sincerely libertarian, but I’ll vote for him anyway, as he at least has the decency to pretend to believe in small government.

  7. PUMAs are bigots. Boston Tea Partiers left the bigots. Big difference.

  8. Maybe I was the only one, but I got a momentary chill from the reference to the “great new book” by Harry Browne in Cockburn’s blog. A posthumous publication? Of course it wasn’t the (late) Libertarian Harry Browne who was the author of the cited book, but it definitely made me do a double-take. I wonder what Harry would have said about the Bob Barr candidacy.

  9. Cockburn’s been making a bid for independence from the doctrinaire left for a while. He’s been particularly scathing on the subject of climate change, which is as close to a litmus test for lefties as there is these days.

    Kudos to him for not immediately diving into the extreme right’s camp, but…

    Actually, Cockburn would make a good libertarian. He seems driven by principle and immune to common sense (not, by the way, an entirely bad thing in my opinion).

  10. And I guess I have an entirely different definition of PUMA than most people here- to me it means slightly creepy old (that is, a bit younger than me and above) ladies who try to pick me up at nightspots rather than sitting home with their knitting. ‘SBlood.. ‘Sif…

  11. dpsc
    I think those are called ‘cougars’

    Same animal I suppose.

  12. Heh heh, heh heh, Cock burn

  13. I wonder what Harry would have said about the Bob Barr candidacy.

    That depends. The Harry Browne who was a two-time LP presidential nominee or the Harry Browne who said stay out of electoral politics?

  14. dpsc
    I think those are called ‘cougars’

    Same animal I suppose.

    it is my understanding that pumas are older then cougars

  15. “he at least has the decency to pretend to believe in small government.”

    Except that he wants a war on illegal immigrants, which strikes me as a potentially more pointless, abusive and expansive program than the war on drugs.

  16. val: “it is my understanding that pumas are older then cougars”

    Thus scarier. Until you’ve been cornered by one you won’t know what fear is. The jaws that bite, the snapping snatch…

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