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Charlie Lynch Update


Over at, an update on the trial of Charlie Lynch, the medical marijuana dispensary owner in California on trial this week for violating federal drug laws.

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  1. Here’s a story about it in the LA Times:,0,2636549.story

    Good luck, Charlie — we’re with you.

  2. I’d think they’d have a tough time finding 12 people in LA willing to convict this man for such nonsense.

    I certainly hope they do.

  3. Unfortunately, Colin, the way federal prosecutor’s get to manipulate the admissability of evidence and witnesses as well as stack juries he likely hasn’t got a chance.

    Remember, “it’s legal in California, we passed an initiative saying so” is not a defense. The jury will not hear a word of it because the defense will not be able to bring it up.

  4. But jurors are still human beings. And as long as that holds, he’s got a chance.

    I’d feel more confident, though, if he had a good libertarian lawyer instead of couple of public defenders.

  5. Alright, gut-check time. Who’s ready for a little Gandhi-esque civil disobedience?

    Do you want to save this man’s life? Then it’s time to start handing out fliers around the courtroom. The samizdata should explain the situation in a clear, cool, concise manner, avoiding words like “samizdata.”

    High-volume distribution should happen daily in order to get the message out.

    Beware, if you’re brave enough to do this, there is a good possibility of getting arrested and at least briefly detained. That’s what happens when the activism gets beyond posting bitchy comments on a political blog. The state ain’t no pussycat. And this ain’t no time for “sunshine patriots.”

    Alright libertarians, show me your nuts.

  6. If I wasn’t 3000 miles from California, I’d be right at the courthouse doing that, mc.

  7. I’m not too far away.

    If someone sets up something concrete (and legal :)), I might be game.

  8. We should organize a legal defense fund for Charlie Lynch. His legal situation will probably bankrupt him and ultimately put him out of business anyway.

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