Criminal Justice

Another Exoneration


This time, in Ohio, though the man is still a few steps from being released. 

And there may be more on the way.

McClendon's case was highlighted in "Test of Convictions," a five-day series in January that exposed flaws in Ohio's prisoner DNA-testing program and identified 30 cases that were prime candidates for testing.

The Dispatch built files on the more than 300 prisoners who applied for testing, almost all of whom had previously been denied. The newspaper re-examined them with the Ohio Innocence Project's team of professors and law students.

DNA Diagnostics Center, a Cincinnati-area lab, volunteered to test the cases free. Prosecutors and judges have since granted testing in 15 cases, more than had been tested in the five-year history of the program.

McClendon's is the first result.

NEXT: "How did you fit in a test tube?"*

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  1. He’s still incrarcerated, but this is good news for him.

  2. Yes!!! Not my home state again!

    *pump fakes imaginary football into floor and ends with a Tiger Woods hand gesture*

  3. So, what is the rate of exoneration/confirmation/ambiguity of these post-conviction DNA tests?

  4. What’s your guesstimate percentage of our US incarcerated population who don’t belong there either because they are not guilty of the crime they have been convicted of or because nobody should go to jail for what they did?

    Put mine at 70%.

  5. Yes!!! Not my home state again!

    If I were to ask my state (FL) corrections department about their policy on this, I imagine I’d get a response like:

    “What’s a Dina Test?”

  6. Small victories are all we can really hope for.

  7. Speaking of exoneration… where are your comments about the exoneration of the Haditha marines who you smeared as guilty (or implied as much) along with that fellow creep, Congressman John Murtha?

    There wil be no apology or decency coming from you so-called reason guys.

    Why am I not suprised?

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