Now Playing at Reason.tv: Who's Waging the War on Sex?


reason.tv recently caught up with author Marty Klein to chat about his book America's War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty.

"Our glorious Constitution," says Klein, a certified sex therapist and frequent expert witness in anti-censorship court cases, "guarantees us the widest range of right civilization has ever seen. Why are those rights systematically damaged and repealed when it comes to sexual expression?"

Click below to watch this four-minute video.

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reason on sex here.

On censorship here.

On free speech and First Amendment issues here.

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  1. Who’s Waging the War on Sex?

    Dunno, but my wife has apparently enlisted.

  2. Dunno, but my wife has apparently enlisted.

    The proper response varies between “She’s enlisted? I thought she was one of the Generals.” to “Really? She didn’t seem to be that way yesterday at lunch.”

  3. “Really? She didn’t seem to be that way yesterday at lunch.”

    Good! I hope she’s getting it somewhere else… I know I am.

  4. I am surprised with the product placement, a post concerning sex immediately on top of a Howley picture, that there are not more comments. Typically just throwing up a pic of her brings all manner of vapid teenagers out of the woodwork.

    Good! I hope she’s getting it somewhere else… I know I am.

    When eating chicken every night, a nice baked salmon or prime rib is always nice.

  5. Don’t be such a tease!

    Need more substance.

  6. Laissez Faire Books is selling autographed copies of Mr. Kleins work. It can be ordered from them at 1 800 326 0996.

  7. Who’s waging the war on sex?

    Hypocritical morons of the variety that have anonymous gay sex in airport bathrooms and then consistently vote to prevent any kind of sexual expression as “obcene”.

  8. First we see the cover of the July Reason talking about the baby bust.
    Now we have America’s war on sex.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  9. This “war” explains why I’m not getting any.

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