Kerry Howley on Fox's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld


reason Senior Editor Kerry Howley appeared on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday, discussing, among other things, a study showing that hallucinogenic mushrooms have long-term positive health effects, that the U.S. has the highest rate of drug use in the world (take that, Morocco!), gun rights, and much more.

Click below to watch.

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  1. You know what I like about Red Eye with Greg Gutfield?

    Ha Ha! Trick question!

  2. You know what I like about Redeye? Kerry is hot.

  3. I like Red Eye twenty years ago, when it was called The Sammy Maudlin Show…

  4. We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

    U-S-A! U-S-A!


  5. No wonder the show is called Rey Eye when they have these kind of items.

  6. Red Eye. Sorry.

  7. Here’s how 99% of Americans will respond to Howley. See also comment #3 for my secret plans. Maybe some of those there will, you know, like, actually, like, do something. Totally.

  8. So when Kerry goes off to Iowa for her MFA, is she still going to be contributing to Reason?

  9. I love how Kerry looks completely pleased about our nation’s drug abuse in that screen capture. She seems genuinely excited at the idea.

    now that is cosmotarian.

  10. If you ever wondered what it would be like if Yakoff Smirnoff was a hot chick in a low cut dress, you should watch this clip.

  11. “I love how Kerry looks completely pleased about our nation’s drug abuse in that screen capture. She seems genuinely excited at the idea.”

    Kerry likes drugs and hookers. Of course she is a total top shelf white girl whose exposure to drugs probably consists of getting stoned once at a bachelorette party and is about as likely to be a hooker as I am to make the NBA, but that doesn’t stop her from admiring such things from a far.

  12. Couldn’t you just show the clips of Kerry and toss the rest? Or at least edit out Gutfeld?

  13. Hey, has anyone ever noticed that Kerry is kinda hot? Just thought I’d point that out since no ever seems to comment on it.

  14. I’m getting a teeth-whitening ad of some kind on this page.

    Think that’s because of Kerry? Or because of the phrase “Red Eye?”

  15. Yeah, Kerry is kinda hot. But short hair Kerry isn’t anywhere near as hot as long hair Kerry was. OH MAN what I wouldn’t do for long hair Kerry.

  16. Kerry is prettttttyyy

  17. Ok, I actually bothered to watch this Red Eye show for once, since I’ve heard so much about it. What I saw was Howley yammering on about nothing of gravity.

    The poor souls who are smitten with her should get out the house once in a while. I dunno, maybe even hire a hooker too, just to see that women aren’t actually an endangered species.

  18. Nothing wrong with appreciating good aesthetics, Mr. ellipsis, nothing wrong with that at all.

  19. Of course we’re #1 in drug use. We have the most stuff to forget.

  20. It’s a running joke, ellipsis. If people actually thought I was more worthy of comment than the Russian model I’m on with, I’d be concerned, too.

  21. After seeing that picture of Kerry, I think they should change the name of the show to “Red Palm.”

    Sorry. I’m a sick, piggish male fuck. I know it.
    But damn….

  22. I agree with Kerry. Guys, you get to gawk at her all the time. Surely you can take a break to gawk at the model she was on TV with, right?

  23. That poor guy Master Baden. I bet he’s had a rough life. If the FCC gets wind of this, Fox had better watch out for obscenity charges.

  24. kerry is hot. i consider her the thinking man’s winona ryder.

  25. he said, ‘ryder’.

  26. Guys, it looks like after the taping of the show Kerry Howley got drunk and had some fun (if you know what I mean) with the Russian model. Video here.

  27. Dammit Thoreau, Now Viacom thinks I’m gay.

  28. I suppose I am dating myself more than is even true by mentioning this, but does anyone here remember Walt Kelly’s seminal “half-blooded idiots” rant? It was printed in the back of some Pogo collection (I think it’s the green one where Albert dreams about going to the moon after too much strawberry ice cream.)

    The gist was that we were producing too many half-blooded idiots, while Russia was winning the cold wear by producing an army of full-blooded idiots.

    I wasn’t initially sure why this reminded me of that, though it did, strongly. After some reflection I think I know: we did fine with our 1950s half-blooded idiots (some of whom were my great-great-grandparents- I’m so young, thin, and fabulous that I have yet to be born, let alone instructed in grammar), and I imagine we’ll continue to do fine with our current drug-addled citizenry.

  29. and mk: I hate to break this to you, but all your friends have know for a long time. It’s time to admit it. Look on the bright side: you are now allowed to wear assless chaps in public. That’s got to count for something.

  30. all chaps are assless.

  31. Otherwise: believe it or not I actually wondered if I’d get called on that before submitting that comment. That’s how dedicated I am to the wearing of assless garments, or at least to jokes at the expense of male homosexuals pertaining to them.

  32. happy july 4 🙂

  33. K, nick stealer, I’m intrigued. Let’s meet in the kiosk in central park on the 4th. Please wear those chaps.

  34. i consider her the thinking man’s winona ryder.

    I made the same comparison in another thread. How long before the inevitable shoplifting charge?

  35. I[m trying to figure out the difference here. 1) The thinking man’s Ryder would have a convenient carry-handle, and 2) she wouldn’t have gotten caught.

  36. Because, after all, she would walk right through the door. Walk right through the door. When she want something and she don’t want to pay for it.

  37. Nice Jane’s Addiction reference, dpsc. You fucking weirdo. 😉

  38. APOG: my comments are actually peppered with that kind of reference. Most of them are very obscure though. I just couldn’t help that one, obvious as it is.

    Thanks for drawing my attention to the exquisite Miss Howley. I will write a touching love song for her. The harmony will be derived from my theory of triadic superimposition, and the lyric will be: “When she want something and she can’t pay for it/she puts her money in a CD that returns 4.5 percent.”

  39. There was someone on the show besides the Russian chick?

  40. Uh, that, um, Kerry Howley chick has a lot of talent. But, um, the Russian model has even more. Heh heh heh.

  41. That Russian model was pretty hot and she even had a little broken English going for her, but she seemed kind of gullible (at least not Zoolander gullible). “There was no drug use in USSR”? Reeeealllly.

    I also have to say that Kerry Howley is as good-looking as that model. There, I said it. I will not apologize.

  42. If you ever wondered what it would be like if Yakoff Smirnoff was a hot chick in a low cut dress, you should watch this clip.


  43. “Creative non-fiction. Will Hillary Clinton be teaching that?” Bwah ha ha.

    But seriously, I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately. Mathsemantics by Edward MacNeal, Infinite Ascent by David Berlinski, stuff like that. Worth its weight in gold when done well. Good luck, Ms. Howley.

  44. damn she is hot. is she single?

  45. I dunno what this says about me, but if the rest of Fox News were like that one show I’d actually watch it.

    How the hell did a show get on THAT channel that ended up being more than typical right-wing demagoguery? I’d think from watching it that they didn’t particularly care if people did drugs.

  46. dpsc,

    I’m way ahead of you. I haven’t had a problem with chafing for years.

  47. damn she is hot. is she single?

    If you mean Kerry Howley, not exactly.

    If you mean the Russian chick, probably. Hundreds of beautiful Russian ladies want to meet you.

  48. Turning and turning in the Gutfeld mire
    “If I were a falcon, I’d wear a leather hood and stoop on you”;
    Cleavage heaves apart; all other things my attention cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The Blood-Colored Eye is loosed, and everywhere
    The semblance of wakefulness is drowned;
    The best lack a decent time slot, while the worst
    Are still actually pretty funny.
    Surely some stimulation is at hand;
    Surely some Hot Babes inspire my hand.
    Some Hot Babes! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Hit & Run
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is dragging its great balls out of the warrens
    To scrape and scrape against the shattered glass.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty minutes of late-night sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a cackling monologue,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethesda,
    Waiting for Kerry Howley’s children to be born?

  49. For the line:

    “A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun”

    Please substitute:

    “A gaze as horny as a unicorn”

  50. If you mean the Russian chick, probably. Hundreds of beautiful Russian ladies want to meet you.

    lol. And nice poem.


  51. Dammit Thoreau, Now Viacom thinks I’m gay.

    No big deal. Just go to a bunch of really manly site.

    You know, like bodybuilding pages, local gyms, maybe motorcycle apparel…

  52. I’m just amused as hell that the screen-cap is a bit of an homage to Michael Moore’s old show, TV Nation.

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